Tesla P85D Ludicrous In 3 Wide Supercar Drag Race – Video

MAY 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

Ludicrous Tesla EPIC 3 Wide Supercar Drag Race

Ludicrous Tesla EPIC 3 Wide Supercar Drag Race

Tesla Racing Channel and Spade Speed pitted a Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous ($105,000) against:

  • 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S ($180,000)
  • 2015 Audi RS7 ($120,000)

As one can see from the video, it turns to be one of the rare occasion when Tesla didn’t win the 1/4 mile races, but the 1/8th miles were a bit of different story.

“The most epic race to date on Tesla Racing Channel, partnering with Spade Speed we bring you an amazing 3 wide race (at a local airstrip) with some of the baddest all-wheel drive cars around. Featuring a stock 2011 Porsche Turbo S, an APR Stage 2 2015 Audi RS7 and our 2015 Ludicrous Tesla Model S P85D. Each car took on one another from a dig, with the 1/8th mile and the ¼ mile marked off. Then the epic 3 wide race happens. The first time the Tesla didn’t use the fastest mode but still almost stayed with both of the other supercars but on the second 3 wide race it was a show down to the finish line.”

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Yeah they are pushing some medal down the road pretty fast. I think it just continues show the superiority of the ev over the best the ice can offer.
In just a few short years Telsa has shown its sedan is competitive in this sort of racing with an almost $200k sports car from a company that has a long history of making racing engines.

I tested a P85D ludicrous yesterday. Doesn’t seem like it’s much faster quarter mile 115.1 V’s 115.7 mph. 11.7 vs 11.5. 0-60 3.2 sec vs 3.1 sec. But with new launch control got 2.9 seconds.Felt like a very strong launch with a 1.6 second 60ft time. But the Tesla 115.7 mph trap is so much slower than the E 63 or RS7 which both easily trap over 120mph, so they can catch the Tesla 85D L in the quarter mile. I have seen stock RS7’s do 11.3 in the quarter.

Note: I’m comparing the pre-ludicrous update to updated. And the update now has the launch control and max battery mode in which I used both.

The Tesla’s only able to pull about 540 hp out of the battery, not 762.

The Tesla could also benefit mightily from a second gear on that rear motor, although with all that instant torque, I’m not sure how that would affect the longevity of the drivetrain.

Tesla launches great every time. The Audi seems to have an aftermarket exhaust and probably a tune – which isn’t mentioned. The Turbo S guy can’t do a decent launch to save his life. You can pick up a used CPO 997.2 Turbo S for less than a P90D – FYI. Adding a tune to the Turbo S will make it crazy fast as well. The 991.1 Turbo S is even faster.

I’m still amazed at a 2.9 sec 0-60 time on moderately sized all season tires. You hear them fighting for grip but it doesn’t spin. In order to get 3.0 sec at the drag strip In my BMW required a prepped dragstrip, drag radials, and a warm up burnout. Other than that AWD is a must to launch like this.

P85D with the upgrade is known as Insane right?

Why didn’t they use a P90D Ludicrous?

This Tesla is really a P85DL … Insane is standard in P85D.. Ludicrous gets you the “L”.. while I still don’t consider this an apples for apples drag.. the Tesla is not comparable to the Porche.. not even the same genre of vehicle.. the Audi is closer.. but sounds modified.. the Tesla is sold stock with Ludicrous option.. the Audi would only be a fair drag if it is also sold

with that exhaust stock and no other modifications beyond what is offered by the factory.. so if that exhaust is indeed an aftermarket system or an accessory not offered stock.. the audi isn’t an apples to apples race either.. besides that.. both these xehicles are way more expensive that the Tesla featured here at $105K.. frankly.. that’s a bare bones P85DL @ that price…

It’s an EV vs. an ICEV, so hardly apple-to-apple to begin with.

2011 Turbo S can be had for around $90K used – includes a 4 year extended warranty to 100k miles

Why use a convertible Porsche in the first place? The Coupe should be lighter, faster, right?

Correct the turbo would be faster in hardtop. Also it seems he isn’t familiar with the launch control he should be beating those cars in the 60ft everytime.