Tesla Owners Can Now Schedule Service Appointments Online




Tesla Service Center

Setting up service for your Tesla just got a whole lot more convenient.

As forward-thinking as Tesla is, one would think that online scheduling for service appointments would have happened long ago. However, we must not forget that the Silicon Valley automaker does everything differently. Moving to online scheduling is more mainstream. It means not interacting with a person and having an exclusive, small, niche market feel. Nonetheless, with hundreds of thousands of cars on order, there’s really no other way.

Tesla Service Center

Service Center in Dublin, California

Owners can now visit their Tesla Account online and click on ““Schedule a service appointment.” It’s that simple. An email or phone call is no longer necessary. As the company expands service center locations and hires and trains more employees, this just makes the process easier and more hassle-free. It also eliminates the need for a person or team of people answering/returning phone calls and checking service emails. It only makes sense that it will lead to faster processing and booking is immediate.

Of course, you can still call to schedule an appointment. When you go online, you will proceed through a process with several pages. During this time, if you feel the need to call instead, a number is provided.

In addition to the new online service appointment scheduling, Tesla continues to expand its mobile service. Soon, the automaker will be switching to electric vehicles for home and business service visits. Tesla service centers also have a new “fast lane” for addressing minor issues.

Additionally, if your vehicle is in for service, the automaker guarantees a loaner. The best part about getting a loaner from Tesla is that its policy promises you the best vehicle available. We often hear stories about people getting a Model S P100D Ludicrous to tool around in while their old 70 is in the shop.

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9 Comments on "Tesla Owners Can Now Schedule Service Appointments Online"

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Assuming you can scroll through calendars and book an actual appointment (like open table), this is awesome…

I’ve seen some terribly executed systems however…

You “request” an appt but it isn’t official until an employee calls to confirm and often you end up playing phone tag…

The system only gives you a choice of the next 5 available appts…

I thought EVs do not need service 😉

Wiper blades, rotate tires, add windshield washer fluid, check cabin filter.

Can’t think of much else, but I am sure they can cook up some excuse to extract another 100$ from your wallet. Unless they aren’t like a normal car company. ?

They aren’t like other service centers – they will never be a profit center for the company- as per the CEO

There isn’t much at all in the way of “regularly scheduled service” or “scheduled maintenance” in order to keep your car running smoothly.

But things still break just like in any other car. 😉

Not as much as your ICE.

It still needs an alignment… cars always benefit from that

Don’t forget to change battery coolant and brake fluid. Of course EVs have axles, struts and other wear items.

My Chevy app has had online service scheduling for years but admittedly I haven’t used it much, my Volt doesn’t need service but a couple times a year, and my former dealer didn’t follow up on service requests. Regardless, this will be the new norm. Like it.