This Tesla Owner Put A Supercharger In His Own Garage – Video

FEB 24 2017 BY EVANNEX 24

Tesla Supercharger replica in garage (Image: alneet77)

Tesla Supercharger replica in garage (Image: alneet77)


We’d all love to have a Tesla Supercharger located at least somewhat close to our home. Over the holidays, one Tesla owner went all the way — he built a Tesla Supercharger right in his own garage. Well… it’s not a real Supercharger, it looks like it might be a do-it-yourself project to create a Tesla Supercharger replica. And it looks virtually identical to a real Supercharger.

*This article comes to us courtesy of Evannex (who also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Check out the video (see below) from what appears to be a French Tesla owner, youtuber alneet77. It turns out that CleanTechnica may have actually uncovered an even bigger scoop — apparently there’s a Tesla owner who has a real Tesla Supercharger at their residence. It’s reported that, “the vice ruler of Dubai, His Highness Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has both a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Supercharger at his home… [that] could charge in ’15–20 minutes'” — wait, what? That’s faster than what’s out there today? Does he have an early ultra-fast Tesla Supercharger 3.0? We hope CleanTechnica gets more info on this seeing that they also just uncovered that, “Tesla is opening a store in the UAE next month.”

Above: Check out the Tesla Supercharger in an owner’s garage (Youtube: alneet77)

Alright, maybe you’re not middle eastern royalty who has access to a personal Tesla Supercharger. And, maybe you’re not as handy as that French Tesla owner who built his own (very cool) Supercharger replica in his garage. You can still transform your own garage to give it a bit more Tesla flair. Teslarati reports on a Model S owner who created, “a Tesla gallery inside his garage… [because] everything about a Tesla showroom, from the clean and modern design to the relaxed lounge-like atmosphere, is intended to… invite [the] passersby to come sit, relax and often daydream about owning the Tesla.” This might make your neighbors jealous, check it out…

Above: Model S owner transforms his garage into a Tesla showroom (Youtube: DÆrik)

How did he do it? It’s reported that he started by “purchasing paint in the same Tesla red color after locating the paint code (2087-10) online. Erik [the Tesla owner] also indicated that he purchased the same table-chair combination used across Tesla galleries, further adding to the authenticity of his private showroom. Using MDF board as the the material for creating the floating ‘TESLA’, Erik painstakingly cut and sanded each letter to form the full logo. Each letter was then attached to the newly painted Tesla red wall.” So whether you can get your hands on your own Supercharger, create a replica, or (at least) spruce up your garage, hopefully you get some ideas for a fun weekend Tesla-themed activity.

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Ok, initially I thought this guy got a few 10 kw chargers (or 11 kw if Parisian) and tied them together and figured out the protocol to have the thing fast charge.

But its a good spoof article anyway. The coolest 10 kw charger in existence.

I like my car, but that’s a bit much. Also takes up so much room.

It’s a little ridiculous. But there is some value in this, which is that it highlights that with an EV, you can park, close the garage door, and sit down and have a coffee or something right next to it without breathing any fumes.

LOL I wanna see a petrol-head do the same thing with his gas guzzler running in a closed garage lol. How long before the toxic tailpipe emissions overcome the petrol-head?

A lot of collectors do collect old gas pumps.

Man, am I envious!
Of the garage(s), that is.

Who in the world has such a pristine garage as those we see showing off Teslas?

Does this mean I am not worthy of the Model3 I reserved? Oh! The shame!

I would, if not for my wife. She insists on storing all kinds of junk in the garage. Otherwise mine would be pristine.

Tesla cult member and dumb article.

That guy deserves a “Douche of the year” nomination.

I think the word is “dweeb”. Now be nice, OK?

Lighten up, Francis.

Wow, that guy in the video is drinking the Tesla koolaid hardcore.

This article reads like a paid advertisement for that dude’s company.

Wow, you guys are jerks.

Welcome to the internet I guess. 🙁

It’s from EV Annex, they sell Tesla gear. I think it is worth appreciating that InsideEVs gets contributed articles all the time. Exuberant Tesla bias aside, it is still rather unique.

Meh, garage walls are precious.
I hang my ladders.
Lots of things go on my garage wall.
I wonder where this Tesla fanboy stores his stuff….

He stores his stuff in his other garage where he keeps his sled and reindeer.



Should have walked past the charging port before plugging in.

I think the ruler of Dubai has an actual supercharger installed in his garage.

Funny !
Still we prefer our non SC charger with 22 kW at home.

A 200 amp service is fairly common in newer homes in North America. That is about 48 kW max, with nothing else in your home drawing power. Just shy of a Chademo charger, and quite weak for a supercharger. It might not be difficult to get a 400 amp service installed in some areas, although I recall it might be more common to get two 200 amp panels. Well, that way, you can still run the fridge while charging your car.

In my area (which is served by 2 different utilities depending on precisely where you live), either utility will gladly hook up to your inspected 400 ampere electric service. This is plenty for any home made supercharger (provided a few chargers have been removed), and is fine for that Portugese single phase 24 kw CCS fast charger being rebranded and sold by ABB.

It will be interesting to see if any Bolt Ev owners decide to install this 24 kw ccs unit in their garage to regularly charge their car through the fast charger port. I believe it requires around 125 amperes at the input.

Most builders use 2- 200 amp loadcenter panels since they are half the cost of a proper 400 ampere panelboard. But a well healed homeowner could insist on doing things properly instead of the ‘economies’ some builders try to sneak in.