Tesla Out Delivers Porsche In Q3: Model 3 Boom Continues

OCT 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 74

Porsche is now selling way fewer cars than Tesla.

Not only Jaguar, but Porsche too is not able to keep pace with Tesla anymore. According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (schmidtmatthias.de), Tesla sold 26% more cars than Porsche during the third quarter.

Q3’2018 results:

  • Tesla – 83,500
  • Porsche – 66,000
  • Jaguar – 41,900

Clearly, it’s the Tesla Model 3 effect (over 55,800) and we don’t see any circumstances that would allow the situation to reverse in the near future.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before Tesla will be ahead of Porsche YTD (probably not this year, but like sometime in 2019):

Nine months of 2018 results:

  • Porsche – 196,600
  • Tesla – 154,200
  • Jaguar – 136,000

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Haha.. “Tesla still lie behind Porsche at this stage”


I knew it, one crying troll, no matter what Tesla achieves, it won’t ever be enough, the good thing is that Russian trolls/ shorters are like clowns here, please keep it up babies.



Haha indeed . . . . and I expel flatus in your general direction!


Haha 2023 – Tesla only sold 5 million cars this year. Tiny little car company.


Citation please?
At 10,000 cars a week, that is only 520,000 in a full year.
When measures against some others they are still small. Not tiny any longer. They are growing and others are shrinking.

Hans Blix

Are others shrinking or is the cake getting bigger at the moment? I believe it is still the latter – but others are losing market share. At some point in time other car companies will have declining sales if they do not offer a competing electric car to Tesla (especially range wise). At the moment Hyundai looks like the most likely competitor (range per $ and fast charging capabilities – ignoring brand reputation/”premium” vs. non-“premium” brand – if they would build enough..).

Bon Bon

and also neither Hyundai nor Kia offers any AWD electric Vehicle. Its a shame that they call it an SUV without offering AWD.


My attempt at humor. Agreeing with MDEV that “no matter what Tesla achieves, it won’t be enough”. Even if they produce 5 million vehicles in the year 2023, someone will find fault with them.


I doubt that Tesla will be building more than some 2 million cars per year by 2023…

Some Guy

Well, EVs are superior so this is no wonder.
BTW: These days, there was a drag race in Germany between a Porsche GT and a Electric Audi conversion vehicle made by automotive supplier Schaeffler. Well, the Porsche lost, and could not keep up with the EV. And the Porsche was ging forward, while the EV was driving backwards! There is a video on youtube, which is hilarious. They also set a new world record for fastest backwards driving in a road vehicle


Post the link…

Some Guy

Here it is:
The drag race against the Porsche is around 7 minutes in.

Prad Bitt

You may right-click in the video to copy the link from the exact time you want.

EV Tart

No. VW just said, EVs cannot be made , and sold. Every one will go down, if that happens..
Of course they don’t count EVs as cars , so he was correct. All ICE will do gown.

Taylor Marks

That’s not what VW said. VW said the company is so incompetent they’ll go bankrupt.


Could you clarify: is that Porsche sales in the US or Porsche sales worldwide?

Ron M

Well I thought it was the US; but I looked at US sales for all US makers at debt clock real time/auto sales so it must be world sales. Out of 36 manufactures selling vehicles in the US, Tesla will be in the middle of the US pack, by this time next year maybe sooner. Haven’t found a similar site for world sales.
Also on the chart it says global sales.


Thank you. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t fooling myself. I think it would be a good idea to emphasize that fact in the text of the article. It would make a bigger impression to say that Porsche’s worldwide sales is beaten by Tesla sales, with Model 3 sales solely in US and Canada thus far.
Clearly, with Model 3 yet to go worldwide, Tesla is going to sell everything they make for years to come. I mean, if Porsche is considered a major carmaker at the rate it sells, surely Tesla at a higher rate qualifies.

Ron M

Unfortunately because of the tariff war the biggest market China is virtually closed to Tesla. China had lowered the tariff to 15% in the beginning to appease Trump but then Trump upped the ante and China retaliated by raising the tariffs on US cars.
I don’t know if the tariffs on aluminum and steel are still in effect for Canada.


Tesla plans to manufacture in China for that market.

Ron M

I know but that’s still several years away. Hopefully Musk can talk to Tenncent and Chinese officials about getting an exemption. Apple isn’t getting slapped with a tariff. Trump except Apple from tariffs.

Ron M

Bloomberg tracker shows that TM3 production has already exceeded 100,000

Michael Will

Not a surprise. I was challenged by a Panamera the other day. He made such a loud noise as he fell behind 🙂 This was with me in six month old rear wheel drive Model 3, not even AWD or performance model. Gas cars are just not going to keep up.


There is more to life than a 0-60 drag race but well done for beating the Porsche.

Lee Ramer

Sucks to be beaten by a golf cart!


EV driver got questioned once, about dragracing on red lights.
The answer was: they got louder and smaller 🙂

EV Tart

Actually I would not purchase , such a loud car anyways, even if there were no EVs. But I know people will buy , just for that noise.

Michael Will

I don’t know… back in 2012 I thought a Maserati sounds sexy. In 2018 I just think it sounds exhausted, the sound of try-so-hard-but-can’t.


Now that you got that out of your system….stop it!


In those situations, I wonder how delusional the ICE owner is about the embarrassment they are about the inflict upon themselves.


Thats as maybe in Q3 when Porsche’s factory is totally closed. I ordered my Panamera Turismo Turbo Hybrid in July 2018 – but wont get in until at least March 2019 due to said factory closure.


Or maybe because they are stopping to sell hybrids because WTLF

jim stack

and that is just the start. Imagine when the model Y is out, then the Semi and next the Roaster II. By then we will have the China and Europe Tesla Factory too. The future is bring for Tesla and not so good for the others.

Chris Hsu

Porsche is an elite Niche brand.


… which is going extinct…


What makes you think that?


Not a surprise, Porsche is a small manufacturer only selling about 220,000 cars a year worldwide, this means MOST of the auto world outsells them.

David H

BREAKING: Tesla outsells Maserati!


Also Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Alfa Romeo… and several other tiny niche auto makers. Dunno about Aston Martin.


Porsche has always been a good proxy for Tesla’s target market. I’ve never bought the whole Tesla vs BMW argument. Tesla vs Porsche is actually a good horse race and it is good that Tesla is outselling them now. That means that Tesla has arrived in the slice of that market where it belongs. Jaguar on the other hand has always been a quirky, mismanaged specialty luxury brand. So, outselling them is not really all that earthshattering.


FYI, Porsche is one of the most profitable cars sold in the world! I’m sure Porsche isn’t sweating that Tesla has more volume, or even that it might have cars that are faster from 0-60.

MaartenV NL

But to stay profitable, they have to keep selling cars.


And you think Porsche is having trouble selling cars?


Hybrids for sure.


They are getting into more and more trouble.


Porsche is about a year (or a little over a year) out from releasing the Taycan.


Porsche beat their first half of the year sales in 2018. And US is one of the reasons they did that well.
This article it’s no news at all. Porsche is a small maker that sells very expensive car with a very big profit margin, close to 20% operational profit. BMW hardly achieve half of that per example.


That’s typical. Small auto makers have to make a higher profit margin on each car, to survive. Larger auto makers can make that up, and more, in volume.


FYI, this is statement from the past.


You’re in serious denial. The bloom is off the rose for gas-powered sports cars. They’re now old school; EVs are where sports cars are going.

Porsche has tied its name to the gasoline engine so firmly that I think it’s very questionable they can survive the EV revolution. But we’ll see! Who knows? Porsche could surprise me and remake itself as an EV name brand.


In both the previous month and previous quarter, Tesla knocks out Porsche. Starting from 2019, it will leave Porsche behind if not in 2018.


I think it’s interesting that Tesla is outselling certain brands, but it’s easy to outsell certain niche brands just as it’s easy to outrun ICE cars in a drag race. the one’s to compare to are the BMWs, the Lexuses, etc the premium brands that still sell in volume. Porsche is already beaten, which is why they’re racing to catch up with the Taycan.


“Porsche is already beaten”? I don’t think Porsche even knew their sales numbers were being benchmarked by Tesla, nor do they care. Why not say “Tesla has outsold every exotic car brand on earth!”


This is naive. According to Porsche, Tesla is stealing Panamera sales, in reality the thing is way worse.


You’re whistling past the graveyard. The market for gasmobile sports cars is going to virtually disappear within just a handful of years.

Hopefully Porsche’s executives don’t have their heads buried in the sand… unlike some gearheads posting here.


The ones to compare to are Toyota and Honda. These are the most reliable and respected manufacturers. Toyota is the leader in the environmental market as well: Toyota sell over 1.5 million electrified cars per year now.


“Electrified” doesn’t count around here — this is a site about *electric* vehicles, i.e. those that come with a plug.

(And what does “respected” have to do with anything?…)


Tesla could already be selling at the rates of a luxury automaker like Porsche. But that won’t exactly lead the EV revolution (beyond being a change agent for other automakers). It’s automakers like Toyota and Honda, who are dominating the world car market right now, and that’s where Tesla (if we placed all our aspirations in it) should be aiming for.

As for HEVs and PHEVs, these (if adopted in large enough numbers), will (and already are) displacing a lot of oil. Currently, HEVs will be displacing more barrels of oil than BEVs, other things being equal, even if in an ideal world we would prefer that everyone had bought BEVs instead.


I’m don’t disagree with you points… They are just kinda tangential to the discussion at hand.


One question that been bugging me is,why is Jaguar/land Rover product so much more expensive than other imports in Thailand, yet some products are assembled in Asia and India,not far from Thailand.Labour costs is far lower than in the UK. It just seems that there is a unfair trade practice somewhere.Whu is Tata not investing in Thailand?


More expensive than what other imports? If you’re talking about cars from high-volume auto makers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Chevrolet, then the higher cost of Jaguar/Land Rover cars has a lot to do with economy of scale strongly favoring cars made in large numbers. Jaguar/ Land Rover does not make cars in large numbers. Substantially smaller production runs means substantially higher unit costs.


IF THEY WOULD BUILD ENOUGH — that is the defining statement — they are not committed.


Porsche is a luxury car maker – their deliveries are not that high.

Meanwhile, Toyota produce 10 million cars a year, including 1.5 million electrified cars.

Toyota are currently the leader, not just in cars in general, but also in producing environmental sustainability.


By electrified you mean hybrid without a plug. Getting all its energy from gasoline, they are efficient ICE, but not an EV. At 6 mpg city, my 67 Mercury was electrified – it had a battery.


Of course, I’m aware of the difference, and was being a little facetious.

But there is a problem with some commentators on this site, insofar as they seem to automatically discount HEVs (or even improved mileage ICE vehicles), which are currently displacing more barrels of oil than PHEVs or BEVs, due to the quantity of their adoption internationally.

In terms of which car manufacturer is displacing the most barrels of oil through electrification – it will be Toyota, which produced 1.5 million HEVs and PHEVs annually as of 2017.

If ten people buy an HEV, this will displace a lot more oil than 1 person buying a BEV. Ideally everyone would buy a BEV. But in the current situation, HEV adoption is still highly, highly desirable, and cars like the Prius are contributing greatly to increasing environmental sustainability, other things being equal.

In fact, even Mazda’s upcoming, improved-efficiency SKYACTIV engines should be greatly applauded by us, as it will also displace a lot of oil each time a person buys one instead of a car with equivalent specifications but with a conventional ICE.


Gasmobiles which burn less gasoline won’t necessarily reduce the global demand for gasoline. Due to rising demand for gasoline in developing countries, more efficient gasmobiles may lead to the reverse.

Here’s why:

In economics, the Jevons paradox… occurs when technological progress increases the efficiency with which a resource is used (reducing the amount necessary for any one use), but the rate of consumption of that resource rises due to increasing demand. The Jevons paradox is perhaps the most widely known paradox in environmental economics…

In 1865, the English economist William Stanley Jevons observed that technological improvements that increased the efficiency of coal-use led to the increased consumption of coal in a wide range of industries. He argued that, contrary to common intuition, technological progress could not be relied upon to reduce fuel consumption.


The path towards ending end burning fossil fuels does not involve making gasmobiles more efficient. It involves entirely replacing gasmobiles and diesel trucks with zero-emission vehicles.


Toyota, the auto maker which keeps stubbornly claiming that there is no market for BEVs, and keeps claiming that fool cell cars are the future of automobiles? This is the company you’re claiming is the leader in “producing environmental sustainability”?

Go on, pull the other one. 🙄

Al D

Porsches, like Teslas, are expensive niche cars. Most people who want a Porsche have one. Many buy used Porsches instead of new ones. Those numbers don’t show. When Tesla’s waiting list vanishes, then what?


Then what? Then they will still be outselling Porsche.


As Tesla’s waiting list gradually vanishes (first in the U.S, then elsewhere), it is being replaced by higher demand for the Model 3. Those who have been watching carefully have already noticed this happening.

Now, go peddle your years-old retread arguments from Reeking Alpha elsewhere. If you think we don’t remember serial Tesla bashers claiming demand for the Model S and Model X would disappear as soon as the initial waiting list was satisfied… think again, Mr. FÜDster.


lol but who really wants a tesla


Yeah, nobody buys the Model 3 anymore. It’s too popular! 😉

(Apologies to Yogi Berra.)


Porsche is high end, cant be comparable. Tesla should be compared with bmw/audi/mercedes. Also, people forget that these 3 german brands along with Porsche and jaguar are NOW coming up with EVS, and I am sure people that were interested in tesla evs will now have more options and not just tesla, this will definitely hinder sales from Tesla. Before tesla had no competition now they will have.

Mister G