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Do you have an over-the-air update idea that may improve Tesla’s vehicles? Just send a Tweet to Elon Musk and perhaps you’ll get your wish.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spends a fair share of his spare time using social networks to promote Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, and to interact with fans and customers. It’s not uncommon for him to respond to individuals, whether it be a 10-year old girl with a contest idea or a Tesla owner with a suggestion that aims to make the cars better for everyone.

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Recently, Paul Franks took to Twitter to suggest that Tesla vehicles should have a function to automatically raise the steering wheel and slide the driver’s seat back because his steering wheel is “wearing”. It would also make it easier to exit the vehicle.

This is a common feature on some competing luxury models and a potentially easy fix for Tesla, due to over-the-air updates. Musk responded “Good point”, and plans to add the function fleetwide.

Basically, when you put the vehicle in park, the steering wheel will automatically raise and the driver’s seat will move back. It’s assumed that it will stay this way until after you enter the car and start it, so that entry is facilitated as well.

However, another Tweet proposed that the seat should automatically adjust before a person enters the car. Musk responded to this as well, stating that it should probably configure to whoever is closest to the door when the handle is touched.

Musk has mentioned the steering wheel function before, but this seems to be the first time that the driver’s seat has been brought up. It’s not exactly clear which functions will be added in the over-the-air update, but Musk seems confident that the ideas are viable and will be addressed.

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Didn’t he also state user settings will be sent to the “cloud” so if get into another Tesla it’ll automatically adjust? Will be curious to see how this works between different models as you’d imagine you may want the same driver legroom in a Model 3 as a Model S but may be move more forward in the event you need to give the rear passenger more legroom…You also have to imagine that since Tesla tweaks things quite a bit, the seats, seat frame positions, could vary between models…

Lastly does anyone know if the seat motors or steering wheel motors tend to fail? A lot of people I know have had huge problems with something going wrong with motors in luxury ICE vehicles which can cost hundreds or even over a grand to fix…

Heck, I have a ten year old Hyundai with power seats.
They haven’t failed yet. I’d expect Tesla’s seat motors to be at least as good.

My buddy sent a suggestion to Tesla over a year ago suggesting a double-tap on the Park button would do this exact thing. I think I like his idea better.

My mother in law bought a new Caddy that had this feature. Unfortunately it turned her seat into an unintended trash compactor a couple days later, crushing a bunch of food that she was taking to a ladies potluck luncheon and had put behind her seat. It literally broke the containers.

So any auto adjust feature like this, should be selectable, at least on the Tesla, there is lots of room on that screen to add: “Auto Adjust: Yes – No.”

The feature on the Caddy can be turned on and off, but she was not able to figure out the Cue system to do that.

That’s what frunks are for… 😉

I don’t think I”m eating tuna salad that been in a frunk in Phoenix in the summer.

This is an extremely common feature or higher trim option on luxury branded vehicles…They can be almost always be turned off…

Personally I wouldn’t use any of this, so I assume it can be disabled. I like to just get in my car and go. What’s the boot time on the Tesla vehicles? From opening the door to actually moving the wheels, what’s the fastest time possible?

@Kdawg – For Model S & X the car can be configured in settings so that each key-fob activates the key holder’s user profile (i.e. seating & side mirrors) as you approach the car …it’s fast … much faster than getting in and manually doing it yourself and faster than selecting a remembered user profile from the center screen.

Yeah, but i’ll be the only driver. That’s why I said “personally”. I’m sure it’s a great feature for multi-driver households.

Hi Kdawg. I find I automatically push the brake pedal as I’m sliding into the driver’s seat. This switches the car on and it’s ready to drive away well before I’ve fastened my seat belt.

It’s literally a matter of three or four seconds total wait time.

Thanks for the feedback. So 3 seconds after I push the peddle I can drive away? Is pushing the peddle what activates the boot sequence?

Hey, why not include an API or programmer screen. Give us access to the non vital systems, and let us create our own systems?
Want the steering wheel to raise when you double tap Park? Just create a script in the program area. I’m sure people would be coming up with all sorts of cool solutions if they could do this.
You could post your scripts for others to use. Sort of like a modders version for Tesla cars.
Now that would be something unique to Tesla.

@Jason – Check this out…

Tesla API – Controlling your Model S and Model X:


Please think about us undersized people (5’4″) and add a seat belt anchor adjustment. The belt cuts my neck every time.

This is a good thing that Tesla can add those features with SW updates.

But seriously, this kind of features were available on most luxury cars 15 years ago. Tesla sells at average $100K. It is shocking that it even lacks basic features such as this.

I mean the 15 years old Buick that my parents have comes with this feature from day 1!!!