Tesla OTA Update Adds “Chill” Mode, Ease Of Exit Functionality

Tesla Model X



Tesla Model S driving: You wouldn’t want to scare anyone with that insane acceleration right?

It seems Tesla is sending over-the-air updates in a bit of a rampage as of late.

Possibly, taking some focus away from recent issues with Model 3 production, or due in part to questions posed to Tesla’s Jon McNeill about Autopilot parity, or simply the automaker’s goal of fastidiousness, we are now seeing a barrage of OTA updates over the past month or so.

A few months back, a Twitter user suggested to Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the vehicles should be programmed to make it easier to exit. Musk promised an update to move back the seat and raise the steering wheel. Following another suggestion, Musk also added that the vehicles will reset the seat and steering wheel back to the preferences of the individual user once they approach the vehicle.


Tesla Model S Interior

These features are now appearing in the Tesla Model S and X as part of a new update. Additionally, the update adds a new “Chill” acceleration setting. Being that these vehicles will push you back in your seat and take you by surprise due to the instant torque of the electric motor and powerful battery packs (even without Ludicrous Mode engaged), the automaker has brought forth a new option.

Perhaps you don’t want to scare your passengers, especially if we’re talking about young children or senior citizens. Maybe some people are just looking for a less dynamic driving experience at times. We’re pretty confident that it will also be a way to get some extra range out of your vehicle when the performance is not necessary.

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15 Comments on "Tesla OTA Update Adds “Chill” Mode, Ease Of Exit Functionality"

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Along with many other things other cars don’t have. Btw the Senate version of the tax bill keeps tax breaks for evs.

Most other luxury cars have had “ease of exit” for years, including setting back to the key holder’s personal settings when you return to the car.

I was referring to OTA. Sorry I was not specific.

Tesla only needs OTA updates because their cars are not fully developed to begin with. I’m not faulting them for that, but it’s still true.

I have a Volvo and asked for a update of software, they could do that at the next services for $ 300.00
That is poor service.

What software update would your Volvo require? Are you talking about a GPS map update?

Drag times has a video on Chill mode. 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. It probably makes Tesla feel like SparkEV.

All I want is real iPhone integration. This isn’t 2008.

AMEN!!! I don’t even need Apple CarPlay; just the ability to play the iPhone via the lightning cable with the tracks and ability to navigate the music on the Tesla display!

“CHILLAX” mode, with Seatback Massage, and shoulder area Shiatsu roller control, would be a most welcome Tesla Premium upgrade!
Come on Elon, forget “Production Hell”, and start development on a “Relax the Back” rolling Tesla edition.

$2,500 Model 3 Upgrade, for the extra 90 day delay and agonizing wait on delivery.

I fully endorse the chill mode… I’ve always said I would have to leave a MS in valet mode to stop me crashing it.

“Musk also added that the vehicles will reset the seat and steering wheel back to the preferences of the individual user once they approach the vehicle.”
Shouldn’t it wait until you’ve sat down? That way you have easy exit & entrance.

Why not both, choose either by programmable option.

Our 2004 Suburban had ease of exit and settings preserved based on the keyfob that was used. There were also switches on the door so you could choose the driver settings. And that was 13 years ago.

It is so nice Tesla can send free updates /new features at your home. When I have my yearly Porsche oil change and software updates, at the dealership, usually $300 for software update. It also takes 24 hours for the update at the dealership.