Tesla Origins Video


What's Up With The Snake?

What’s Up With The Snake?

Though lacking in any specific content, we found this “Tesla Origins” video to be unbelievably and expertly executed.

Only problem is that it doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

What’s the point?  We aren’t 100% sure, but perhaps we missed it…And why the snake?  Either way, it is an interesting watch.

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Love it…

Kind of pointless.

Correct, but I still love it.. Would be a shame if everything would have to be pc all the time – set free your inner child and enjoy.. Live a little!!

I think they’re replicating some of the absurd car commercials sans narrative. It very much has a car commercial feel to it.

And I did like it! 🙂

You asked “What’s the point”. From http://www.supplyanddemand.tv/davidholm

“David is hungry to become a true original, a visual artist who can tell a meaningful, masterful story in 60 seconds or less. Holm continues to craft experiential films with palpable atmosphere; films driven by mood, texture and character. Conveying emotions through stirring imagery is Holm’s expressed goal every time he commits an image to film.”

“What’s the point” ?


This type of commercial is not about selling a particular car but building the brand.

If it works it is genius if not it is ridiculed. Like the very early Infiniti commercials.

They are trying to show that you can cross a desert with snakes in a Tesla, long range etc…