Tesla Opens World’s Largest Supercharger Station In Shanghai

Tesla Supercharger


A closer look at the world’s largest Tesla Supercharger station in Shanghai, China, which is now complete and operational.  For more images, check out Teslarati’s link. (Image Credit: Teslarati)

Tesla’s largest Supercharger station and the biggest on the globe is now complete and open for service.

The days are gone when Tesla’s biggest Superchargers stations are the ~20-unit variety in Norway and those under construction in California. Now, the 50-unit underground garage in Shanghai, China takes the prize by more than double. Even the upcoming 40-stall expansions in Norway and California won’t match this colossal achievement.

Tesla Superchargers

20 Tesla Supercharger at a station in Norway is no longer the automaker’s largest

We reported just a few weeks ago and shared a video of the upcoming Supercharger station at the Lilacs International Commercial Centre on Dingxiang Road in Shanghai. It looked as though Tesla was just about finished with the monstrous project, and now that’s true, though the busy automaker has yet to officially announce the facility’s opening.

The station is open 24/7, and one Tesla owner already verified its opening and accessibility. Tesla Model S owner, Jason Mann, told Teslarati that he used the facility recently. He also sent some photos. Follow the Teslarati link to see more.

As you can tell from the photos, Mann is the only person using the facility at the time. However, he shared with the publication that the area around the new station is generally packed with people waiting to charge. Prior to the station opening, Shanghai residents could choose to charge at a wealth of other stations nearby, but it still wasn’t enough. Mann is sure that this new facility will be full of Tesla owners soon enough.

If the numbers are accurate, this Supercharger station should put Tesla right on track to secure its promise of 1,000 Superchargers in the country by the close of 2017,

Check out the video from just a few weeks ago showing the Shanghai station under construction:

50 Stall Supercharger Station in Shanghai, China ?? still under construction. from teslamotors

Source: Teslarati

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Very cool. How clean is the energy that is used to charge these cars in China?

Does Tesla have any sort of green power agreements in place, or do they just buy the lowest price?

I don’t know much about China power or even if they are deregulated like most of the US is.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I bet per the Chinese Govt, the answer is…..

“You don’t need to care how clean the electricity is. Either build it or don’t.”

The government has plan to reduce coal generation percentage to 55% next decade. But so far their coal plants are much worse than in developed world. Old pulverizing ones, sulfur scrubbers turned off except for visitors. They even import petcoke that is worse than coal:

Even worse, they use this same terrible electricity to refine oil into gasoline and diesel.

You get it twice when burning it in an ICE.

China have been replacing their old plants with new ultra-supercritical ones. A lot cleaner and efficient than any in Europe or the US.
And they have put in hard measures against any cheaters or deceivers.
Things happen fast in China, articles for 2015 are often already outdated like in this case.

Still a long way to go though…

That was 2015 – see how much it has changed in *just one year*…

At this rate, they’ll have eliminated coal within 10 years, maybe sooner (assuming they want to).

Your link does not go to a Wikipedia entry.

Okay, I see your corrected link below. Those two graphs are misleading.


The 2015 one is on GWh, i.e. the amount of energy produced.

The 2016 one is on GW, i.e. the nameplate rated capacity.

It’s not surprising that there would be more capacity in renewables than is realized, due to fluctuations in clouds, water level, etc. so this isn’t really an apples to apples comparison at all.

We really need GWh to compare in 2015 and 2016, and more importantly, multi-year trends.

China has the largest amount Hydro, Wind and Solar of any country.

The same could be said about their electricity generated from coal.

That’s why you can’t compare total power, you really need to look at percentages.

As a percent of generation, it is not very impressive, and the amount of coal-generated power is pretty atrocious.

Renewable energy generated 24% of electric energy produced and coal energy use has declined the last three years.

Okay, I stand corrected, that is pretty impressive. When I had researched it before it was more like 5 years ago. I really hope they continue that trend.

I still see articles and news segements about the awful pollution in urban China, so having this trend continue would be phenomenal.

There’s still a lot that can be done though, look at all that fossil fuel generation!

Well, they try to build everything as the largest/tallest/biggest in the world over there… So, it isn’t surprising the largest installation of superchargers are in China.

1,000 superchargers sounds impressive.. but is that stalls or locations? Locations would be more impressive.

That’s stations:

Looks like they have around 6,910 stalls.


That Stalls count is Network wide, of which the year end goal is 10,000.

That is not locations. There are 169 supercharging stations in China.

No idea how many stalls right now. But a lot of the stations are 2 or 4 stalls at hotels so the average is lower per station than in other places.

Nor that! Oy vey! You’ll have to look it up yourselves, then… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electricity_sector_in_China

OK – Just how *do* you insert an image in a comment, here?

Just paste the raw URL into the post.

Often the website’s ‘bot will convert it to an image within a few minutes. Sometimes it never does, altho I suspect human intervention in at least some cases when the image does not appear. For example, I don’t think the staff here likes “facepalm” images nearly as much as I do. 😉

So, right-click on said image, select ‘Copy Image Address’ (I have a Mac) and paste that into the comment?

Yupe, that’s it

In the above attempt, I think you crammed the link address together twice in a row for it comes back 404/negative (and its a weird PNG outline only file as well, heeh)

Correction: 20-unit location in Burbank, California is not under construction – it was opened 9-14-17. 40-unit under construction in Baker, California (eta 58 days) and in Kettleman City, California (eta 43 days). At least two more 20-units under construction in Bay Area.

There might be others I haven’t noticed.