Tesla Opens Supercharger #200


“Supercharger number 200 just opened in Oxnard, CA.”

Tweeted Tesla Motors less than 11 hours ago.

That Supercharger in Oxnard features 10 stalls.

Oxnard Supercharger

Oxnard Supercharger

The running tally as of right now is:

  • North America: 114 Superchargers
  • Europe: 66 Superchargers
  • Asia: 20 Superchargers

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Lonely Island (Semicolon song): “I’ll take you where you’ve never been; Oxnard Then make you suck a bulls’ nut; ox nard.”

And just where are you from? This is in a very upscale shopping center about 10 minutes away from my house. And they started putting in a DC combo charger across from my work yesterday.

I’m also in the area. Where is the DC Combo charger being installed?

camarillo outlets. talked with NRG rep directly and have visually seen the site being prepared for DC quick charging SAE combo. Trader joes location in ventura and thousand oaks mall will all be getting the same in the next 2-3 months.

Ha, I was going to put the same quote here 🙂

One opened in Florida the other day too…. near tampa

Come on Indio CA!!

Time frame for the next 200. 10 months maybe?

200 Supercharger stations … sounds like Tesla is closing in on 1500 DC charge-point outlets (stalls)?

Does this make Tesla the largest global DC charge-point provider?

Some other car companies would be wise to sign up with Tesla to use the supercharger infrastructure and help support it.

Tesla really figured it out well. Home & public L2 charging handles 95% of charging needs. A small number of superchargers handle the occasional long-distance driving needs.

Where is the location of the Superchargers in the pic of the TeslaMotors Oxnard Supercharger webpage? Is that Tesla factory in Freemont? It looks like a very odd placement for the Superchargers. They are between parking spaces in the back of the parking space and parallel to a parked Tesla, as opposed to the front of the parking space perpendicular to a parked Tesla. A Tesla would have to pull in nose first to charge, making these Superchargers more susceptible to damage/accidents as a Tesla pulls in or backs out of the parking spot and cuts the wheel.

For a larger view of the pic, go to actual webpage:


The inset picture is not Fremont. The Fremont pedestals are closer to the curb, so you have to back in. The ones in this picture are head-in. Maybe it’s Tilburg?

right where plug in day was last year

It looks like Tesla has a standardized supercharger design that they can now install pretty quickly. And the internals of the superchargers are actually multiple of the same chargers used inside the Tesla Model S but arrange in parallel to get up to 135 Amps. It is a very smart system.