Tesla Opens Ritzy Store In Hamburg, Germany

OCT 8 2014 BY JAY COLE 28

Tesla Gets Ready Ahead Of German Store Launch (photo via InsideEVs reader Michael T)

Tesla Gets Ready Ahead Of German Store Launch (photo via InsideEVs reader Michael T)

Today, Tesla opened a ritzy new location in a swanky part of Hamburg Germany.

While this certainly isn’t the first store location for Tesla in Germany (it is actually the 10th), it is one of the nicest.

German resident and InsideEVs reader Michael T said of the location:

“This is a really good location for high end products and there are a ton of exotic cars running around here so the Model S will fit right in.  Hopefully This will help German sales.”

Of interest:  The store is right beside the Audi ad agency.

Tesla Boutique Store In Hamburg, Germany

Tesla Boutique Store In Hamburg, Germany

Inside Tesla's Latest Boutique

Inside Tesla’s Latest Boutique

Hat tip to Michael T!!!

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Lets hope Musk is right, and they are only production constrained.

Otherwise ten showrooms in Germany for the 520 sold in Germany up to the end of August 2014 may be just a tad excessive, as well as expensive.


Still, its a bargain perhaps compared to the 12 stall supercharger in Northern Italy, when the last known they had sold 29 in the country.

Of course, they will be handy for the 520 German Tesla drivers when they want to go on holiday to Italy.

They are doubling down on their bets, clearly.

well the 12 stall supercharger in Northern Italy is also nice for everyone in northern europe if they are doing summer holidays to Italy, it is a rather common place to go to for holidays. i have been their several times. it is rather smooth now with the gothart tunnel under the alps 🙂

Without truly massive increases in sales throughout Northern Europe, as well as presumably in Italy itself, it would still appear that the 12 stall in northern Italy are going to be about as busy as their 10 German showrooms.

104 sales last month in their leading European market, Norway, are not going to help much, nor are the estimated 150 sales in the UK, in what is for that country one of the two best car sales months of the year due to change of number plates.

Either there is a huge increase in sales in Europe or there are going to be some seriously underutilised expensive assets.

Musk is doubling down.

You need to define “under-utilized”. The purpose of the Superchargers is for long trips, not for daily charging.

Regarding “expensive”; the chargers are more than paid for by the Model S sales at $2k baked in per car.

Deliveries does not equal demand.

So far, only one store in Italy. Milan.

Through Aug 2014 Tesla has sold over a cumulative 10,000 units in Europe.

Every Supercharger in every European country is there to enable intra-European travel for every European Tesla customer.

@ Kalle, of course the infrastructure is based on expected traffic from the rest of Europe, as well as Italy.

Davemart is a hydrogen advocate who is well aware that biggest argument against hydrogen is Tesla, so he is obsessively trying to sell the message that Tesla is going nowhere.

Don’t worry about the facts, Chris.
It has never stopped you yet.

Actually I am happy with batteries or hydrogen, and like the DOE and all the major car manufacturers am waiting to see how the different technologies develop, with one thing for sure, that they are all better than ICE.

Perhaps in future you would confine yourself to stating your own beliefs and preferences, rather than making baseless suppositions as to mine.

Still obsessively questioning Tesla sales every chance you get davemart?

Broken record.

So you think that they need ten showrooms for present sales then, Chris?

All I have said is that they are clearly anticipating much, much larger sales.

We will know soon enough if that is going to happen.

I realise how difficult it is to accept that anyone can legitimately hold different views than you, and continue to do so after you have repeatedly told them what to think.

So your record of thinking that you are the possessor of the one, the only, the complete truth is also somewhat repetitive.

Don’t worry about the fact davemart. A clever manipulator can always spin them in a way that fits his agenda. Of course 12 underutilized chargers in Italy are a sign of total failure for Tesla and not at all about Tesla preparing for peaks in the holiday season when northern Europeans migrate to sunny Italy.

Your insistent Tesla nay, hydrogen jay message isn’t about being objective, it’s about spinning facts to fit a certain message.

Not everybody will agree with that message and some will point out your hypocrisy so in the future please expect your “believes” to be exposed for the hypocrisy and manipulation it really is.

Seems like DaveMart has perfectly valid concerns here. Tesla is absolutely investing heavily in Europe. Their current sales certainly don’t merit this level of investment. We should all hope that it pays off in a sharp increase in european sales.

Have you seen Tesla’s sales in Norway? Once Germany starts offering better incentives . . . and I believe they will considering Germany is a very climate change aware nation and they are not fond of being dependent on Russian oil, I think Tesla’s sales will pick up.

Yes, incentives go a long, long way to boosting the EV market. Norway is a prime example of that. Georgia is another.

I do believe that Germany will embrace the electric car sooner or later. My question is: will they start buying Teslas, or will they root for the home teams? VW and BMW have also invested heavily in electrified cars. I have never been to Europe, but from what I’ve read, Germans are as pro-domestic as many here in ‘Murica.

I hope Germany’s story turns into one of overall growth – where all serious players start gaining ground.

It would also make a pleasant change Chris if you confined yourself to discussing the issues raised by the article and posts, instead of questioning the legitimacy of holding different views to your own.

It would make a pleasant change if you confined your comments to the topics at hand instead of turning everything in an opportunity to spout your doubts about Tesla in general and it sales in particular.

Well DaveMart . . . you think the Germans are gonna buy lots of fuel cell cars instead? LOL.

Tesla is clearly making a play on the fact that Europe has high gas prices, is a very climate-change aware market, and wants to reduce their exposure to the Russian bear that controls their oil markets. The best way to address all those problems is with non fossil fuel energy and electric cars.

Sweet, let’s take one month of sales, when all the cars are being kept in the US and then use that as an assumption for sales going forward. Lets ignore the fact that Tesla only has one model, is production constrained, has not done any advertising and the lifetime of these assets is almost infinite compared to one month of sales. Lets also assume that I know better than a company worth billions of dollars about the demand for their products and the future demand for their products based on cherry picking data.

I don’t believe this is Germany, because they are drinking wine, not beer.


Riesling, one hopes!

I’m glad to see Tesla showing up in Germany in a big way. That seems to be a tough market to break into, but if they are successful, it can catapult their position in the world automarket.

Same thing in China, of course. Although with China, the stakes are even higher.

The problem is the lack of incentives in most euro-countries (except norway, gb and maybe france). EV sales are bad in general, not only Tesla. They make just no sense at all if you look at the numbers.
When more incentives are introduced or electric cars become more economical sensible without incentives, sales should increase.
Also I think only car enthusiasts know about Tesla yet. And all people that learn about it, loves it (except the price tag maybe). I think it will pay off for tesla, it will just take some time…

Tesla has TEN showrooms in Germany?

And barely anything in Minnesota. There’s a service center which is kind of a store as well, but it’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s really mainly a service center.

They need to put one of these things in the Mall Of America.
Quick facts:
-40 million visitors annually
-4 in 10 are TOURISTS (defined as traveling >150 miles)
-significant numbers are international tourists especially from Asia and Europe.
-you can basically fly to the Mall of America (not kidding. Fly to MSP. Go to the Tram. Get on Tram. next stop MOA).

Wgy not ten? Germany has a quarter as many people as the US after all. Average wealth is probably greater, too.

sorry, wasn’t clear.
I’m surprised that Germany has 10, whereas my state doesn’t have ANY.

just saying that we should get one, out of jealousy!

I still think Tesla has a huge up-hill slog to sell cars in Germany. They tend to be very loyal to their domestic brands.

Holland is another European country with incentives that work out rather well. When I was there last winter, I saw at least one Tesla everyday, just by looking out of the window or driving around.

What you see really a lot, let’s say one in every tenth street, are Mitsubishi Outlander and Volvo plugins.

Germany has one extra problem for EV, the long history of combustion engine development there, from the very early ones to the latest ones. You also have that lasting memory of the tiger panzer that symbolized the German power in the last war, which was of course combustion engine powered. In the German psyche the combustion engine is like what the horse is to the Wild West, it is part of the legend. So it should not come as a surprise that EV cars have a hard time beating that legend. But over time, with excellent products, gorgeous showrooms, talk and patience Germans will flock to power EV like the Tesla. Of course a BMW branded Model S alike would have some more ease but since none is available, the national brand desire will finally give way to the pragmatic EV superiority desire.

Will you people go to the TESLA site and look at the SUPPERCHARGER maps and the different time tenses. New look on their site.