Tesla Opens Massive Store In Australia


Tesla's New Flagship Store In Australia, Image Credit: Gizmodo

Tesla’s New Flagship Store In Sydney, Australia, Image Credit: Gizmodo

Tesla’s new 5,000 square foot flagship is now open in Sydney, Australia. The store is complete with three Model S displays as well as a battery chassis with suspension, powertrain, and wheels, for up close viewing.

Note: A full gallery of images of the new shop can be found at Gizmodo here.

Tesla Model S in Australia (wallpaper 5760 × 3840)

Tesla Model S in Australia

The store is in a prime location, in the city center, adjacent to a busy, outdoor pedestrian mall. Somewhat ironically, it is right next door to Apple’s corporate office. This is the third Tesla retail store in OZ. The others are located on Sydney’s North Shore and in Melbourne.

Tesla Gear can be purchased near the entrance of the store, next to a High Power Wall Connector (HPWC). A Tesla Powerwall is also on display near the back of the store. Unfortunately, no “live” chargers or Superchargers are available for owners to utilize at this location.

Beneath the store is a parking lot area that is planned to be used for test drives. Once the Model X arrives in OZ, reportedly prior to the end of this year, the showroom will be reconfigured.

One hundred destination chargers have been opened throughout the country and seventy-five more will open before the close of the year. Australian Tesla drivers have logged savings of 700,000 liters (185,000 gallons) of gas after driving over 9 million kilometers (5.6 million miles).

Tesla's latest store in Australia.  Image: Gizmodo

Tesla’s latest store in Australia.  Image: Gizmodo

Source: Gizmodo via Tesla Updates

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Someone correct me if I’m mistaken but I read somewhere that Australia has the same dealership restriction rules as the U.S. If so, how was Tesla able to get around that to be able to open up this flagship store?

My guess would be that they don’t have the same restrictions. Right?

There are no federal U.S. restrictions to selling Tesla cars, at least none beyond the normal restrictions for new car sales. Five States in the union do outright ban sales from Tesla showrooms. Some other States have certain restrictions. For example, as I recall, in New Jersey, Tesla is restricted to only five stores where they can do direct sales.

So if you read that Australia has the same restrictions as the U.S., perhaps that is true, but not in the way you thought it meant. Perhaps that comment meant that only the normal restrictions on new car sales apply.

Or perhaps, like in the US, the restrictions only apply in some regions. If so, Sydney is presumably not in one of those regions…

Absolutely no direct selling or dealership restrictions in Australia currently. From 2018 heavy import restrictions are likely to be lifted allowing personal import of vehicles including EV’s from world markets such as UK and Japan…

I’m sorry, but it’s hard not to suspect that InsideEVs isn’t also a bit too much in love with Tesla to see things objectively. Since when is 5000 square foot a “massive” store?!?

Compared to other Tesla stores it may be true that this is “massive”. But I’m pretty sure the average dealership in any small town is quite a lot bigger than this. 🙂

That said, it looks like an awesome store. Certainly a lot more inviting than my local one (in Kristiansand, Norway), which is a combined store and service center.

@Terawatt: I agree with you about the use of the word “massive” to describe a 5,000 square foot facility. Even the dollar stores in America are bigger than that.

No dealership restrictions. Subaru trialed at one stage a direct sales model for a while where you could only access the vehicle in the flesh at their centralised locations.

Subaru also only sold the BRZ coupe online. You went to the dealer to pick it up.

“Somewhat ironically, it is right next door to Apple’s corporate office.”

Is this more ironic than the King Of Prussia, PA store being immediately to the left of an Apple store in the mall?