Tesla Opens New Gallery In Dallas, Texas

JUN 21 2014 BY JAY COLE 12

Tesla officially opened its doors in Dallas this morning.  Its first new location in since the company lost its appeal to sell direct in the state in a very high profile case last summer.  The company currently also operates out of Houston and Austin.

Naturally this means that the “gallery” located at the Northpark Mall is not able to sell the locals the car – or even talk about the price, or give test drives.  You can look…and that’s about it.

Tesla Is Free To Discuss The FIner Points Associated With The Model S...But Not The Price, Or How You Can Buy One

Tesla Is Free To Discuss The FIner Points Associated With The Model S…But Not The Price, Or How You Can Buy One

Residents of Texas have to “find out on their own” that they can go online to purchase the car.  Tesla then registers the car in California, from there it is up to the new owners to ship it to Texas and re-register it.

In speaking with the Automotive News, Tesla spokeswoman Alexis Georgeson says the stores can market the benefits of the vehicle and go over the finer technical details on the car.

“Our galleries create strong awareness for our product. (They) are our advertising.”

The Tesla rep says that there are currently more than 2,000 Model S sedans driving the streets of Texas today despite the company’s inability to physically sell and deliver cars in the state.

Texas also recently announced a state-wide incentive program that grants up to a $2,500 rebate on the purchase of electric cars – provided they are sold in the state – so once again, Tesla has been excluded.

Tesla is still hopeful it can get new legislation in place to allow them to sell direct (and therefore be eligible for the $2,500 rebate) when the House of Representatives reconvene in 2015.  Ms. Georgeson says the company will “…continue to operate galleries in accordance with Texas law until, hopefully, we can get the legislation overturned.”

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Cool, I’ll have to stop by tomorrow and have a look.

Tesla should place a banner with information
“We Tesla are ban to sale an American car in this state as per mandate from the Dealer Association to the politicians”

best, Elon

Agreed. I would be relentless, shaming these fools and calling them out for who and what they are.


I don’t think the stores have to do anything. This won’t sit well with Texans.

Why not? Dallasites are very progressive-minded.

Just to clarify the situation in Texas, Tesla did not lose the right to sell direct at any point in their operation. The laws existing before Tesla were so restrictive that Tesla knew they could not sell direct before opening the first gallery in Houston.

A bill did get shot down in the last Texas legislative session (once every two years) that would have made a carve out for Tesla to sell direct. Similar to what was recently passed in NJ. It would have. It would have Allowed only American companies selling only electric vehicles to sell up to 5000 per year (in state). After 5000 per year, the company would be forced to used the franchise model.

I expect the bill to revive again next spring, but now with a Giga Factory on the line. We will see what happens.

Funny. I lived there when they built that, around 1965. Northpark Mall. One of the first malls in TX.

DallASS, Texsuck

And where do YOU live?

Actually it is quite nice and progressive, at least in Dallas, but small minded people will think what they will no matter what.

I hope tesla does not open a battery plant in texas.