Tesla Opens First Supercharger Station in Texas


“We’re about to make Supercharging official in the Lone Star State. Our San Marcos station opens today!”

First Supercharger Goes Online in Texas

First Supercharger Goes Online in Texas

Says Tesla Motors via its Facebook page.

Tesla’s 18th Supercharger station in the US and its 1st in Texas came online today.

The automaker’s plans call for 4 additional Supercharger stations to be installed in Texas by the end of fall 2013.

Here are the specific details for the Supercharger that came online earlier today:

San Marcos Supercharger

3939 Interstate 35 San Marcos, TX 78666

24 hrs/day

Charging Stalls – 5

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You’d think Texans would welcome Tesla… big batteries, big voltages, seats made from cows.

Heck, the car seats at least three head of cattle comfortably.

And… Tesla. Texas. They kinda even sound similar.

Maybe they will call the EV truck The Texla

I heard on the Tesla forums that Temple had refused their permit. I bet they have some red-neck anti-electric-vehicle person in their local government. They’ll live to regret that decision when neighboring cities get the stations and all the business that goes along with it.

Yeah, looking like Waco instead. That will help me in taking my imaginary Tesla from Houston to Lubbock (via Huntsville – Waco – Abilene) for work.

Did anyone else notice the error in the Super Charger map? When you move the slider from “Now” to “Summer 2013”, the two red dots in FL turn gray. I know the stations are open, but does this mean they were ahead of schedule with those, and someone forgot to update the “Summer 2013” pic with red dots?

I have observed two different Tesla S driving around DFW. At least some Texans believe.

I also see a lot of Leafs around because Nissan has a local presence.

I have relatives in Texas, and I never understood their fascination with Nissan.

I have seen exactly one Tesla Model S in the wild here in the Fort Worth area, just a mile from my house. I was driving the Leaf, but couldn’t tell if the Tesla driver noticed me.

Now if we could just find an adapter to step down from Tesla 440 to my Fusion Energi usable 220 this might be more interesting…

why don’t you encourage a friend to go and share a charge with you? buy an adapter with one input and 2 outputs you’ll be fine…. and you’ll have someone to talk to while you wait for the tow truck.

I don’t understand the selection of San Marcos, TX. It’s halfway between San Antonio and Austin. That’s fine, but those cities are only 80 miles apart. Even Round Rock, at the north end of the Austin metro area, is only 113 miles from the center of San Antonio. Temple, TX mentioned above, makes a lot more sense at 150 miles from San Antonio, on the way to the DFW metro area. However, if they’re going to do Waco, TX, then I suppose San Marcos is a good idea because Waco to San Antonio is 180 miles.

The have to find sites that are willing to grant a 5 year lease to Superchargers at a price Tesla wants to pay. The San Marcos Supercharger is at a mall and I believe it’s part of a nationwide agreement with a property company that owns malls.

In other words, it’s there because it was easy to get.

Anyone else find it amusing how many ads there are for gasoline cars on this site?

Somebody forgot to tell the advertisers what this site is about.