UPDATE: Tesla Opens First (& Second) Supercharger In Spain


There are exactly zero Tesla stores in Spain and not even one service center in the country, but there is now one Supercharger there.

In late July, Tesla celebrated the grand opening of its first Supercharger in Spain.  It’s just a 4 stall site, but it’s a start.

Here are the details on the Girona, Spain Supercharger:

Girona Supercharger

Girona Supercharger

UPDATE: Tesla has already opened a second Supercharger station in Spain. Details below:

Tesla's Second Supercharger In Spain

Tesla’s Second Supercharger In Spain

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Meanwhile, there is already a second supercharger in spain 🙂


Updated…thanks for the heads up!

They have also open one in Tarragona so there are now two in Spain

The way things are it is clear that Spain is very much against solar. They do not want people to put solar on their roofs and batteries to store electricity. They made a special tax for that. So no wonder there hardly supercharging station in Spain! Even though they have enough sun but the government and some big fat cats get to lose a lot if people use the sun and if cars turn electric!

I wonder if Panda Express would purchase all the fat cats if we prepared them?

We’ll eat them when Peak Oil happens or when the rising levels of pollution cause earth’s bio systems and food production systems to cave in. Which ever comes first.

Complete baseless conspiracy theory. CHAdeMO chargers have no problems to get installed everywhere in Spain.

Spain has a large overcapacity of electricity generators and have had a government mandated below market price on electricity for decades. The system is on the verge of breaking and it won’t be helped by splashing incentives on solar, of course it should be taxated just like any other electricity generation.

Which by the way is irrelevant since the electricity generation that the country has and when/how many superchargers that will be deployed have no connection.

Will they also tax those who grow their own tomato in their back yard?

Considering that spanish tomato producers on massive benefits has been dumping tomatoes on different african markets to prices well lower than real production prices and thereby cripling the local market I would put triple tax on your spanish homegrown tomatoes. 😉

But a more general answer would be: Yes, if you produce it in large enough quantities.

Well I never been to Spain
but I kinda like the Superchargers

Don’t abuse it
Never gonna lose it

The Tesla update I would like to see is “Tesla starts to sell the Model X.”

So when they reach the southernmost edge of spain. Will they cross over and build one in Morocco as well?

No. Why would they?

And, according to reports, there are four Supercharger stations in Russia, and no Tesla stores or service centers there, either.

I wonder if Tesla is placing these Supercharger in European countries without Tesla Stores to support international driving by Model S owners — I understand there is a large amount of international driving in Europe — or because Tesla hopes to expand its market to such regions. Possibly both?

What reports and sources do you have for that?
There are no supercharger stations in russia (that I’ve seen or read about).

And to answer your question, it is both. They will of course have stores and service centers in Spain and Russia in a not too distant future. But at the moment having superchargers going down the very popular east coasts of spain is definitely for people from other countries going there.

Mikael said:

“There are no supercharger stations in russia (that I’ve seen or read about).”

You are right, Mikael, and thank you for the correction. That’s what I get for believing a random Internet post I read.

Mea culpa.

Well, there will be superchargers there in 2016 according to the Tesla supercharger map.
And those superchargers will be for Russian owners since they are more likely to drive within Russia (of course) and also from Russia to other European countries.

It’s not a country where other Tesla buyers (norwegians/dutch/german/british etc.) go by car often, or rather most likely never. 🙂

I assume Russia will get at least a store and a service center by then or around then, so 2016-2017.

We also have 2 SC sites (6+8 stall) in Slovenia and 0 service centers or stores. Not many Teslas rolling around either, maybe 20. I assume the sites were set up for the masses of Germans, Austrians, Belgians and particularly Dutch that migrate to our and Croatian seaside every summer. That and the stalls are directly en route for them to take advantage in this very situation.

I suppose the Spanish are privy to a similar phenomenon and thus were granted SC sites, to accommodate the northern tribes.

In conclusion, Tesla seems to be listening to their customers – or listening to the ka-ching from potential new ones, by increasing ease of use and target demographic for their product. 🙂

SC, it’s everywhere you wanna be..

When is Tesla going to finally open a Supercharger in Andorra?

*lol*… or the Vatican state 🙂

Lets lobby Elon to open one each at Miskatonic University and Hogwarts. 😉