Tesla Opens First Supercharger in France

JUL 9 2014 BY MARK KANE 13

Tesla Opens First Supercharger in France (credits to ChargeMap)

Tesla Opens First Supercharger in France (credits to ChargeMap)

Early in July 2014, Tesla Motors opened its first Supercharger in France.

The Station is localized in Auxerre and has two spots with total output of 135 kW.

The Supercharger itself seems to be one of the temporary mobile units.

Next to the Supercharger is one more charging point – 3-phase AC with 2x 22 kWs.

In total, Tesla has opened 27 Supercharger stations in Europe.

Auxerre Supercharger

Auxerre Supercharger

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According to tesla homepage it’s aready 33 supercharger in Europe and 2 in France aready opened! :o)

10 more are comming soon in Germany. I like it, tesla will soar.

Opened on the Fourth of July.

Seems fitting, since France did help in a big way.


That’s a weird looking supercharger.
I’ve never heard of these temporary unit before, can we find it somewhere else?

Yes, you can.
Lone Tree, Colorado
Bethesda, Maryland
Aurora, Illinois
Hawthorne, California (added two more of these mobile ones to expand the site).

Those are just the ones I know off the top of my head.

Lone Tree and Bethesda are shopping mall locations. Here’s an actual picture of the Bethesda location.


Thanks Mike.
And is there any reasons to have these kind of units? I guess it’s quicker to set up.
Then it might be linked to the wave of German/Dutch tourists going down to the french riviera this summer.

Apparently, the permit approval process from the French government was taking a very long time and therefore they decided to go forward with the temporary versions that only needed cooperation and approval from the local utility.

The permanent ones will come later as the French government works through its bureaucracy.

Rumour has is that the process to get all the permits for a full 8-stall installation is taking forever. Welcome to the French bureaucracy 🙂

The 2-stall version is something that requires less power, and (again according to rumour) working with the electricity company expedited this process.

Now, Tesla – all I need is one in the north-east of France in order to reach the Côte d’Azur

What’s that big dish in the middle? Looks like a view screen from an old Buck Rogers movie.

That big dish is the cooling fan exhaust vent for the Supercharger. The tower in the middle is the actual Supercharger which is wired into two pedestals with charge plugs.

It does remind one of that. Akin to the video screen in the mother-ship from This Island Earth:

The first 3 superchargers in Sweden are open. 2 more will be open in 2-3 weeks.

They have been amazingly fast, really impressed by the building team, the Tesla team, the utilities involved and the municipals.

From the time the permit application was turned in to the municipal to the charger was open took less than 3 weeks.

Did they put an oscilloscope in the middle?!?!?!