Tesla Opens New Delivery Center – Lot Packed With Model 3 Vehicles

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 stockpile in Playa Vista

Tesla’s new delivery center near Silicon Beach and Marina Del Rey, California is now officially open.

We’ve been regularly reporting about sightings of Tesla Model 3 vehicles stocked at multiple California locations, a few of which have been very near the automaker’s recently acquired 131,000 square-foot facility in the Los Angeles area.

The automaker’s new center is now open for business and even has an official, illuminated “Tesla” sign. Teslarati originally discovered that permitting was in process for the new facility because, on September 19, 2017, the automaker submitted permit paperwork for the sign itself. Tesla will reportedly pay out about $30 million for the new space over the next seven years.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: EVANNEX)

The publication was able to check out the site and found several Model 3 and Model S sedans, along with a few Model X vehicles. This is only what is able to be seen in a visible holding lot behind a private gate. The entire facility has multiple areas for stocking as many as 400 vehicles. Teslarati shares details about the space:

“Metal ramps painted in the company’s ubiquitous red color were seen leading to a relatively empty interior space with no walls. A few vehicles were seen stationed on oversized mats that were presumably awaiting customer pickup. We expect the center to eventually have partitioned interior spaces aimed at delivering a more personalized customer experience.”

The much-needed facility should prove advantageous as the automaker begins to ramp up Model 3 production. Additionally, having a large delivery center separated from the San Francisco area, and very near many key locations in Southern California like Silicon Beach, Venice Beach, Playa Vista, SpaceX, and Tesla’s current Centinela delivery and service center is a plus. This new facility will help take the extra load off the Centinela site, so it can focus primarily on service.

Follow the link below for several photos of the new delivery center.

Source: Teslarati

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Good deal. Get out ahead of the curve.

400 units in four months is behind the curve.

No mention of how many of the 400 holding size are Model 3s. This area holds a combo of S, X and 3’s. I doubt that there are 400 Model 3’s there. YTD as of end of Nov, Tesla only delivered 712 vehicles. No way there are 400 model 3’s at this facility.

Drove past the Centinela lot the other night, which is what this picture shows. There’s literally hundreds of cars there, but mostly Model S and X…. very dusty, filthy windshield-scrawled S and X.

Those cars have been there awhile and will need work to get ready for customer deliveries.

Maybe so dusty because ash from the fires?

Don’t feed that Troll that recheas around. He is well known from spreading FUD on electrek forum, solely in the articles related to Tesla, as if he had something to gain by that…

You have to wonder about people who would so casually post lies to a public forum. They must not like themselves very much, nor have much self-respect.


CPO cars or new cars?
What does Tesla do with ICE trade ins?

Last I read, Tesla does not handle trade-ins except for Tesla cars.

Tesla encourages those who want to sell their old gasmobile to do it themselves; they’ll get more money for it that way. I don’t have any experience with that, so don’t have any specific recommendation. But I understand it can be done thru Craigslist or various companies specializing in used cars such as CarMax.

With so many waiting for M3s, stockpiling them borders on psychotic.


It’s mostly Models S and X… only a handful of TM3s there

It’s perfectly sensible if they are, for example, awaiting parts.

Well at least its good news that they are selling ‘regular’ cars to ‘regular’ people. That’s a first for the car.

Is a delivery center where trucks pick up the vehicles and transported. Then they go to service centers where they get transferred to the customer?

I think so, altho some/many cars get transferred at Tesla stores rather than at service centers. Others are driven from the service center to the customer’s home or business for the actual transfer.

Re: Model 3
Maybe the physical car is done, but the software isn’t. This way they can get the car near its destination and release it when the “final” OTA is done.

Why in Los Angeles when most Tesla owners live in Orange County?

It seems rather improbable that “most” Tesla customers live in a single county!