Tesla Announces Opening Of 50th Supercharger In Europe

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Posted To Twitter By Tesla Motors Europe at 11 AM EST On August 12, 2014

Posted To Twitter By Tesla Motors Europe at 11 AM EST On August 12, 2014

In North America, the opening of the 100th Tesla Supercharger was celebrated just a short while ago (105 Superchargers are currently operational in North America).  That milestone was definitely worthy of celebration and this one is too:

“Announcing our 50th Supercharger in Europe! The latest opening in Narbonne, France, is another step towards an extensive Supercharger network in Tesla’s major European markets.”

Stated Tesla just moments ago.

The current grand total for Tesla Superchargers worldwide is now at 168.

Oddly, Tesla has 54 Superchargers currently listed as open in Europe, so the automaker is quite a bit behind in announcing the 50th milestone achievement.

Better late than never…right?


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11 responses to "Tesla Announces Opening Of 50th Supercharger In Europe"

  1. James says:

    2 new ones in the UK as of lunch time today!

  2. DaveMart says:

    I’ve got no idea why anyone would want to visit Narbonne, even if their car needs charging.
    What a dump!

    1. Max says:


  3. Sirming says:

    Waiting to see first Spanish one!

  4. Jo achín says:

    Yeah, i want a few in spain ,to alicante
    Or Málaga.

  5. Jo achín says:

    Almost You can travel from norway to spain ,with just 2 or 3 more in spain,narbonne is near Barcelona .

  6. Surya says:

    They’re going up real fast!

  7. This will become a real cost burden for Tesla. I expect the “free” charging will end in the near future.

    1. Rick Danger says:

      Of course you do…..

    2. Aas says:

      Free charging is promised by Elon for a car lifetime.

    3. Priusmaniac says:

      The price is a bit of a wild card for the moment, but there are positive forecasts too like ever diminishing solar power systems. In more the 2000 $ paid extra when you buy the Model S for the supercharging service and electricity can be adjusted over time if need be. Electricity is also only one part of the bill since the superchargers themselves are acquired so they don’t need to be bought again, that is a big front cost that will disappear. For the Model III they will set a new price for the service accordingly. Perhaps the same one, which would be more expensive in percent of the car, perhaps another one. They could also decide to introduce a new formula where you don’t need to buy the full 2000 $ at once when you purchase the car but only need to pay per use. The software system can already authorize this, so it is a viable option. It could be something like 4 $ per charge sequence.