Tesla Opens Its 20th Supercharger Station In The UK


Tesla Opens 20th Supercharger Station in the UK

Tesla Opens 20th Supercharger Station in the UK

Tesla announced that it energized its 20th Supercharger station in the UK and is on schedule to reach full coverage by the end of 2015.

“Today, Supercharger stations are available at Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Winchester, Exeter and Bristol. Tesla also recently opened stations at Junction 15 of the M1 near Northampton and Brent Cross shopping centre in North London.”

The total numbers for the world already exceed 300 stations and 1,600 Supercharging points.

More than 40% are installed in Europe – 129 stations with over 670 Supercharging points.

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366 stations and 1968 chargers as of this morning.

That has only 2 stalls? Looks like Tesla doesn’t expect many sales in UK.

I saw my first and ONLY Tesla in Worcester two weeks ago!

The ones going up in the UK are largely only two stalls, but they are being packed fairly densely. I’m wondering if part of that might be motivated by a lack of off-street parking, at least in London.

What’s happening in the Tesla vs. Ecotricity fight/lawsuit? Are any of the 20 Superchargers located at Ecotricity’s motorway service stations? Why does InsideEVs refuse to cover this salacious news story? Is it because it puts Tesla in a bad light?



Bah… Rumor and hearsay…

Let the law sort this out and publish once there is any news to publish… Not slander!

I don’t think any of the new UK sites are co-located with Ecotricity. Most of the new sites are at hotels or supermarkets. By having a single Supercharger cabinet with two stalls, they can drop in a boost transformer (400V->480V) and feed it from the host’s existing utility feed. The larger sites that they build with 8-12 stalls in the USA require a new dedicated 500-750kVA utility transformer. That takes a lot more time to get installed.