Tesla Opened Its Biggest Store Yet In Japan In June


Tesla is moving in on Toyota’s home front.

Toyota Motors President Akio Toyoda (L) as he holds the key of a Tesla Roadster (front) handed to him by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk during the presentation of the car at Tesla Japan’s headquarter showroom in Tokyo.

The electric automaker opened its largest store in Japan to date this past June, and it’s located right in the heart of Toyota town.

Japan News reports:

“The Japanese unit of U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc. opened a directly managed dealership in Nagoya on Saturday (June 3rd), its sixth and biggest in Japan.”

“The opening of the dealership, which has a floor space of 643 square meters, marked Tesla’s entry to the central region of the country, where Toyota Motor Corp.’s headquarters is located.”

Tesla went on record with this statement:

“We hope to spread the appeal of electric vehicles from Nagoya.”

Toyota’s lukewarm reception of electric vehicles, as well as the automaker’s strong support for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, leaves an opening for Tesla to squeeze into the Japanese BEV segment right next to where Toyota calls home.

However, both the Model S and X are expensive in Japan, with starting price tags of ¥9 million and ¥10.78 million, respectively. This put them out of reach of most Japanese buyers. Hopefully the Model 3 solves this high price problem.

Source: Japan News

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Using Google Street View, looks like it used to be a Porsche dealership.

Ironic how Tesla Can open stores in Japan Canada Etc: & Nobody Gives them any PROBLEMS///0r a Hard Time Like They Do in “Greatest Country in the World” ..R O T F L M A O…..”THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” The so called Country of “FREE ENTERPRISE” 0f Equal Opportunity And Dictatorship from the bought & Owned NAZI Politicians in the Various States of the so called “United States”..

…a bit harsh and apoplectic.

Who ever is being referenced in this article needs to learn the difference between a Tesla store and Tesla dealership.

“Directly managed dealership”, really? Just call it a Tesla store for goodness sake! I hear reports in the news of Apple opening a directly managed dealership, it’s an Apple store.

9 million jpy is around 75kusd. Not that expensive