Tesla Open For Business In South Korea


Earlier this month, Tesla inaugurated the opening of its first two stores in South Korea.

Outside Aerial Rendering Of Starfield Hanam, Site Of One Of Tesla’s Stores In South Korea

Store #1 is referred to as the automaker’s Korean flagship location. It’s in the new  Starfield Hanam, a shopping mall located in Gyeonggi Province (see rendered image).

The second store is in Cheongdam-dong.

Korea Times reports:

“Visitors can see Tesla’s Model S 90D, the lone model available to Korean consumers at this point, at the store. Those who placed pre-orders for the vehicle can test-drive it. All purchases are made online where customers can customize their own vehicles.”

Pricing in South Korea for the Model S 90D starts at 121 million won ($105,000), but maxes out at 161 million won if all the option boxes are ticked.

Tesla plans to add other versions of the S (within a couple of months) and eventually even the Model X (by the end of 2017) to its lineup in South Korea.

First deliveries in South Korea are expected to take place starting this June.

A small Supercharger network and some Tesla destination chargers will be operational soon in South Korea.

Source: Korea Times

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