Tesla Offers Money For Workers Who Ride Bicycles To Headquarters


Getting paid to bike ride to work! Sign us up!

With parking for only 4,500 vehicles, but employing some 6,000 workers, Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California has a overcrowded lot situation.

Tesla Parking Lot Over Packed

To remedy this, Tesla is offering cash to employees who ride bicycles to work, carpool, take shuttles or use public transit.

The dollar figure for finding an alternative mode of transportation to and from work is unknown, but it must be lucrative enough to entice workers to find a new mode of transport, otherwise they’d just continue to drive.

As Bicycling reports:

“The problem has become so significant that a dedicated Instagram account—@TeslaParkingLot—has popped up to feature some of the company’s most ridiculous parking situations. Imagine trying to get out of the lot at the end of a workday when cars are lined up like this.”

Wouldn’t you rather hop on your bicycle and ride the 5, 10, even 20-plus miles back home rather than wait in the traffic jam that consumes the parking lot?

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Get a folding bike, drive most of the way to office and park few blocks away and ride the bike to work. Easy parking, good for health, and some cash, too.

Such an obvious choice, eh?


A parking garage along with incentives for car pooling could do it.

Yess! Praise da lorde!

Honestly, I got one in 2012 because the tram I took everyday had a strict no-bike policy (except fold ups). So many scenarios it saved me from and halving the ticket costs.

It’s long paid for itself. It’s a no brainer is there’s a reliable place to park 2 miles down the road.

I always kept a bike with the front wheel removed in the back of my car when I lived in Manhattan and street parked. There was relatively ample parking within biking distance, but very tight parking near my apartment.

Full size bike takes too much space even with wheels removed. Amazon has cheap Schwinn “loop” folding bike for $150 that even fits in SparkEV trunk. I wouldn’t ride tens of miles, but for few blocks, it works well.

Brompton is the best folding bike

I’d like to see Tesla build electric bikes. I heard one company what’s to build an electric bike that gets 500 miles to a charge.

I don’t understand why they can’t just by operating shares in bike (or ebike) companies, or even motorbike companies.

+1 Or build your own electric bike with Tesla batteries!

Elon should get a couple of eager engineers to create a Model V – for a velomobile. These are ebikes that have three wheels and are fully enclosed with aluminum or carbon fiber. They can have a cruising speed of twenty MPH and can travel 50 miles on just a KWH or batteries.

The velomobile shape is extremely aerodynamic and can be very efficient. It can also have a comfortable seat and retractable roof for bad weather.

Currently these velomobiles are custom build in the Netherlands for $ 9000 and over. If you want one, you have to get it shipped over from Europe for many hundreds more ( there are no dealers in US ). That is why they are so rare in US.

“I’d like to see Tesla build electric bikes. ”

Electric bikes are really hybrid bikes (electric and human powered). Tesla doesn’t build hybrids.

I get over 200 miles per charge on seven, 60 Ah Leaf modules on my bicycle. That is 3 kWh at 60+ pounds. You’d need 7.5 kWh for 500 miles. A 7.5 kWh pack of modern 18650 NMC cells would weigh 90+ pounds. You are talking about a light MC, not a bicycle.

I’m not sure if it’s an electric bike or an electric motorcycle minus the ice.I read an article a few weeks ago where a company wanted to build an EV bike or motorcycle that would be able to go from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single charge they said they were still a few years out. If Musk put his engineers on this it seems like a real money maker especially in Asia. Vietnam,Thailand Laos Cambodia. I would even say building in one of those countries that would be the major buyers of this makes sense.

A car maker paying you to bike to work, ha!


Plenty companies in SF Bay Area do. They offer various forms of incentives for that. Partly that is because the company would get some incentives from local government as well as good publicity.

That’s the problem with cars – If you want to create enough space for tons of cars in the cities you have to make them much larger. If the cities are larger then everything is far away and you have to cover larger distances to get anywhere. And this causes more people to buy a car…..

It really is a viscous, unbreakable cycle.

Or invest in public transport?

The cycle is already broken. It just hasn’t ended yet. I probably won’t see the end of cars, but my kids will. Too bad they won’t go peacefully.

A neighboring county (San Mateo) also provides a small incentive for those who carpool, take transit, or bike… even for those who just pass through the county.

Employers can actually get reimbursed by the Feds for offering such programs. I don’t know how much Tesla pays out to its employees (I didn’t watch the video) but it’d be interesting to know if Tesla uses this program and if they pay these values or more.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

College students have been getting around parking issues for years.

Nowadays, they park quite a ways from the school to avoid the ridiculous parking fees. Some do have the folding bikes but many have those small electric scooters……..lol

Nothing new.

Why don’t they arrange a ‘park & ride’ scheme.

use a designated large car park & get bussed into the plant at pre arranged times!

A simple solution to this issue is a semi- large power tower of 10-15 storeys , which not only offers parking lots, but amplified unified one coil charging as well. That would be much more appealing resolution.

Why doesn’t Tesla just build a Giga Parking Garage. Elon could even get The Boring Company to tunnel out a Giga Underground Parking Garage so as not disrupt parking in the current above-ground parking lot. 😉

Also build a second level for the lot. Elon needs to think 3-dimensionally!

Agreed. I think it’s hilarious that the author of this article seems to think that people just live “5, 10, even 20-plus miles” away from work. I see a lot of ordinary cars in that parking lot. I guarantee you that the vast majority of the employees there do not live 5 or 10 miles away. Have you seen property values in Palo Alto?

Build your people a better parking lot, or move your company to a more reasonable location, or make it mandatory that your senior executives and upper management that really do live 5, or 10 miles away to leave the car at home.

If not for earthquakes, that might be an option. But if not for quakes, they can build robotic parking structure like this.

So, all other parking garages in the Bay Area must be earthquake unsafe?

Indeed. Putting foundations on rollers, and using “tuned mass dampers” and other engineering for earthquake resistance, may not actually make high-rise buildings (including multi-story parking garages) earthquake-proof, but they can certainly make them highly resistant to collapse during a strong earthquake.


Every structure is earthquake unsafe. It depends on earthquake intensity when the structure will fail. Building giga underground parking structure to withstand large quake is prohibitively expensive compared to non-quake areas.

They have a BART station right behind the plant now. Maybe some employees can use that.

Yes, a new BART station opened just behind the factory just a couple of weeks ago. It will probably take a little while for employees to take full advantage of it.

But I doubt they can get 50% BART usage, which is what it would take to solve their parking problem for the number of employees they will have at full Model 3 ramp-up.

An inside parking lot cost around 25 000$ per space, plus maintenance, which is probably what tesla would need to build if they want more parking spaces.

This is no little money, so if you subsidize “free” parking for your employee coming to work by car, it is totally fare to subsidize those coming by bike or public transportation, that would otherwise “pay” in one way or the other for those coming by car.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Make it so they don’t even have to commute.
Stack a bunch of these up around the facility………lol


This is hardly a new idea, in fact providing incentives for people to carpool etc. in the Bay Area has been the law for companies with 50+ employees for the past several years. See option #4 below. “PERKS FOR COMMUTERS: New law requires Bay Area companies to offer incentives to workers who use public transit, car pooling services: To comply with the law, companies can choose one of four options: * Companies can allow employees to exclude up to $130 of their transit or van pooling expenses each month from taxable income. This option is the least financially onerous on employers and could even save businesses money in payroll tax, the MTC said. * Employers could provide a tax-free subsidy of up to $75 per month to cover transit costs. In this option, companies would likely give employees transit vouchers or something similar, such as a pre-paid Clipper travel card. This benefit could help companies recruit and retain employees, the MTC said. * A business or group of businesses could provide a free or low-cost bus or shuttle for employees. Some tech companies, such as Google, provide buses for employees who live in San Francisco and work in Silicon Valley.… Read more »

Tesla providing a contracted bus service from distant parking lots to the manufacturing facility on a scheduled basis would certainly be far more cost effective than building elevated parking garages or parking lot expansion [even if land is available].

If Disney can transport thousands of people from their parking lots to the parks, Tesla can certainly do the same with their employees.

Hahahaha freaking Americans! 4500 parking spots for 6000 workers and the parking is over crowded, haha! At Södertälje in Sweden where the truck company scania has their headquarters they probably have around 1/3 as many parking spots as employees and never have any problems with parking. People walk, ride bike, go by bus or travel together in one car. Americans and their cars:p

Just checked now btw. 64 percent go to work as a driver in a car at Södertälje. That means 3800 cars on 6000 employees…

No Vroom! in the parking lot?