Tesla Offering Zero Down, 0% Interest On Model S 90D In China


Newly Designed Model S

Newly Designed Model S

As Tesla is expanding in China, the company has launched financing programs with zero down and zero interest. The market in China is rapidly growing and Tesla is attempting to assure a strong presence there. The company had previously tested a program with China Merchants Bank for a brief period, but now it has been adjusted to run for the remainder of the year with Chinese financial services company, Fosun.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

This new program is set for the Tesla Model S 90D. It will guarantee no interest for one year and  two percent interest for the second year, followed by six percent interest for year three. Another program for the Model S 75 will offer zero down plans.

With the recent launch of the Model X in China, added to these new financial options, Tesla hopes for sales to grow even more in China as production at the company’s Fremont facility is finally optimized for both models. The newly refreshed Model S with HEPA filtration (specifically designed with China in mind) is expected to also boost sales.

Despite these attempts, Tesla may have to wait for the Model 3 to be in full production before sales jump significantly. The Model S is still a very expensive car compared to others available in China. The starting cost of a Model S 75 is ¥735,700 Chinese Yuan ($111,624 US) and rings in at ¥22,983 Chinese Yuan ($3,487 US) for the lowest monthly payment option available.

Source: Tesla China via Electrek

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This will end “well”, like US subprime housing in the 2000s.

Everybody rewatch “The Big Short” movie for a recent history lesson…

Get Real

Hah, the “Big Short” describes what you are trying to accomplish here as you continually neglect to disclose that you are short on Tesla as you spread your FUD tfwtf.


FUD, the favorite catch-all phrase for all Tesla “believers” when they run out of arguments!

For you, airlifting cars to Denmark to make the quarter numbers and zero-down / 0% in China for sure makes sense.

Get Real

You know as well as I do that all Tesla has to do is get to mass production of the Model 3 and their future is set and your shorts are gone.


Actually if you READ the article, it’s 0% the first year only, then 2%, then 6%…



😀 😀 😀

tftf, usually your incessant Tesla bashing is annoying, but here it’s so ridiculous it’s just funny.

Nobody but an absolute idiot would swallow what you’re trying to dish out.


You are assuming the buyers are “subprime”. If they are creditworthy there isn’t any danger. During the credit crunch the problem was that portfolios of loans were being sold as AAA when in fact they were mostly full of “liar loans” and variable rate loans made to people who had no credit. This doesn’t seem similar at all.


This is another example of how relatively poor sales in China are leading Tesla to make offers it doesn’t in any other market.

Tesla will continue to have relatively poor sales there until it starts manufacturing cars in China, due to the onerous and excessive protectionist tariffs and fees which China imposes on imported cars.