Tesla Now Registered To Sell In South Korea, First Deliveries Expected This May


After a hold up that cause a couple months of delay, Tesla now says it’ll begin selling its electric vehicle in South Korea this May.

Outside Aerial Rendering Of Starfield Hanam, Site Of One Of Tesla’s Stores In South Korea

Korea Herald reports that Tesla has completed the process of registering to sell automobiles in the nation. The process bagen back in December 2016, but some unstated issues delayed completion until now.

Tesla says with certification under its belt, it will move forward with plans to open two stores in South Korea now. One store is located in South Korea’s newest and largest mall, while the other is in Cheongdam in Gangnam district, southern Seoul.

Korea Herald adds this in regards to servicing of Tesla’s in South Korea:

“… directly-run service centers will be in charge of the vehicle’s core functions such as charging and autonomous driving, while supplementary services such as for exterior repairs will be handled by subcontractors.”

Along with Tesla comes BYD’s entry into South Korea. BYD is expected to receive approval to sell any day now. BYD is the world’s #1 electric vehicle maker (in terms of sales volume), so the addition of South Korea to its list of on-sale countries will certainly provide the automaker with the ability to sell even more EVs in 2017.

Source: Korea Herald

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