Tesla Now Outsells Jaguar Globally, Model 3 Outsold Jag In Q3

Tesla Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion

OCT 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

Tesla strengthens the advantage over Jaguar.

Tesla, after some 15 years since its inception, sells more cars than Jaguar. Let that sink in for a moment or two.

During the first nine months of 2018, Tesla delivered over 154,000 electric cars, while Jaguar checked in at 136,000 (ICE) with a minor (tiny…like really tiny) share of all-electric.

Tesla sales include over 82,400 Model 3. Tesla Model 3 sales increased enough to be currently higher than the entire Jaguar brand globally (55,840 vs 41,940 in Q3).

AID analyst Matthias Schmidt (SchmidtMatthias.de) presents how the situation changed over just a few months:

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But I thought the I-Pace is a “Tesla Killer” 😀


It first has to be available


So does the Model 3 in the rest of the world.


It is available and in more countries than the Model 3 is at present. (Sic)


JLR have been very careful NOT to position the I-Pace as a Tesla Killer but the Hacks that pretend to be journalists can’t help themselves from giving every EV no matter what segment it is in, this title. It gets clicks on websites.


Well, to be fair, Jaguar DID create an ad where they race an X vs an iPace, so they are putting it up as competition at least at that level.

I get it Tesla sells a good number of cars. But this was expected given the pre-order list – so not really news. The question is and always has been how large is the list now, what is the makeup of US, versus rest of the world and base model vs. others ratio. On the sales side Jaguar is not the world leader in any sales category, so it don’t know if beating them means a lot. And the issue with Tesla comes done to profitability. Make a lot of something that generates no profit is the same as making nothing at all in the long run. I understand Tesla is investing in increasing production. But every automaker re-invest in manufacturing that’s how auto manufacturing works. It’s a balance that Tesla has to get too. The Model S is getting long in the tooth and the Model Y is highly anticipated. Guess what – it’s going to cost money to build factories and/or capacity for new/updated vehicles. It’s the reason why people say even if Tesla makes a near term profit it’s at the expense of the Model Y and S.
Robert Weekley

Hence part of the reason for the 10,000 per week Model 3 Production Goal, for end of Q2, 2019: sustainable Revenue!

Another Euro point of view

Indeed, what smart money does understand is that addressing a 2 years waiting list in your proximity market is not the same as addressing the worldwide steady demand with all the added cost this will trigger (transportation & infrastructure), so even barely breaking even in that ideal situation is likely going to send a bad message to the markets in a “buy the rumor sell the news” fashion. Markets are exactly anticipating this now and Elon acting as someone who needs supervision is of course not helping at all. Anyway starting to break even for a story stock is paradoxically often bad news for investors.


It’s not at all clear the Model 3 will sell well in Europe (I suspect it won’t, being a sedan). Let’s wait and see.

Another Euro point of view

Brand is very strong so I believe it should do relatively OK in Europe providing Tesla can survive re coming repayment of debts due till March 2019 in its present form and not as an entity fully held by distressed debts funds which may shrink Tesla while seeking profitability. Now for sure the Model 3 will not come cheap in Europe, I am 100% convinced the short range Tesla will be sold around $40k in the US. If you add to this cost due to distribution in Europe + 20% VAT it will not be a cheap car in many European markets. It will mostly be a EUR 60k sedan in the start, indeed not a very wide market except the usual Norway & Netherlands.


I am from The Netherlands and can assure you the Model-3 will be an insane succes here, and from what I learn form business friends in other European countries it will be a big seller there as well.

Other company cars in the same price segement will see their NL sales go down as much as 50-70% (yes, no typo!) as the tax incentive will make the Model3 an offer that truelly no employee can refuse.
But also for non company cars without that tax advantage big sales. Specially the BMW3 and Audi A4 will suffer… badly.

MTN Ranger

This and since the Model 3 is smaller and easier to drive and park in Europe, it will do well.

Another Euro point of view

…now replying to myself. As the news is full of suggestions about who could be a good chairman for Tesla, in my opinion the person who would be best suited to keep Elon on track would be a woman, I mean a loving caring woman not a young starlet looking for public attention. News of him getting back to his first wife would probably get the stock jump in the markets. Geez I should write chick lit or articles in women magazines :-).


The SEC recommend (demanded ?) to get an (equity) experienced lawyer as speaker/twitter person not his ex-wife.
Or some world renown accomplished PR expert — maybe the new job of Nikki Haley …. lol …..


I guess you weren’t around in the days when a lot of “experts” said that Tesla will only be around for a few years, or that Tesla was a “niche” company. This article is just saying that Tesla, an auto manufacturer formed in 2003, is outselling a company that has been around since the 1920s.


Whether Tesla is a niche company remains to be seen, but it’s not in question that Jaguar is very much a niche brand, and _always_ has been (also note, the comparison here was vs. Jaguar alone… Over two-thirds of JLR’s sales in units are the various Landrovers, not Jaguars).

Another Euro point of view

Outselling now and likely still outselling Jaguar in the future however caution applies here. Again addressing a two year waiting list right after having artificially held back sales because of the 200k sales limit is likely not a good benchmark. Note that 10k per week production is not discussed about publicly anymore lately. It might be that Tesla is estimating that steady global demand could be around 5k-6k per week and that 10k weekly production rate may have to wait till 2020 when they sort out a way to produce at lower costs (in China ?).

Lee Ramer

Model S and X are still selling strong. When the model 3 basic version hit it will sell alot. Add the leasing and then world wide sales. Then follow up with the fact for every new model 3 on the road their owner will be showing it off and their neighbors will now consider buying one since they might not have any real idea about what a real electric car can do.
Sales are going to go through the roof.


It does, Jaguar is a legendary brand, no car company has succeeded in almost 100 years, hence is a big deal for Tesla.


Jaguar was doing ok till the end of 2017, I think they are not doing that great in 2018, anyway it shows that is time for Tesla to make a profit, they are no longer a tiny maker.


Dieselgate has not helped JLR sales as most of their cars were Diesel powered in recent years.
It will probably spur Jaguar to become almost entirely an EV brand and possibly only the second after Tesla.


And the Model 3 isn’t even available yet in Europe & Asia.


Jaguar/Land-Rover shut down production, for 2 weeks, due to lack of demand.
This is what is going to happen to legacy car-makers, as they are hit with a perfect storm, lack of demand caused by products that are being phased out, diesels, the Trump trade-war, and the switch over to evs.
Be afraid, be very afraid.


There is no lack of demand, there is a lack of demand for Jaguar and Land Rover. That lack of demand is due to the fact they’re not making cars people want to buy.


Neither are the rest of legacy automakers

Yves Laurin

Good news, who will be the next car maker to be passed by Tesla


Jaguar has suffered a serious hit in their vehicle sales. Sadly they are selling diesel versions of 2 cars and 1 Crossover (F-PACE) when customers are not even buying their cars.

The faster they move towards electrification, the higher chances of their survival.


YIPPEE! The revolution is taking over.


Jaguar is globally also losing money since years, so in Q3-2108 Tesla might overtake them as well in quarterly (P&L) results …..

Dani Silva

The silent revolution is coming…


After BMW fever why now is this blog obsessed with Jaguar?


The only thing that matters is when Tesla will have a profitable quarter.


The question is: how will they keep servicing their 14 Billion debt with rising interest rates. I do, however, hope they turn into a profitable company because all involved have taken a huge risk to decarbonize our mobility and energy in general.