Tesla Now Offers Additional Model X Sunshades

Tesla Model X


Tesla Model X Roofline

Tesla Model X Roofline

We recently reported that Tesla was offering free Front Upper Windshield Sunshades for the Model X due to owner reports of need. Many Model X owners posted on forums and Facebook that the panoramic windshield allowed for too much sunlight and heat.

Tesla Model X "Free" Front Upper Windshield Sunshade

Tesla Model X “Free” Front Upper Windshield Sunshade

The Model X was originally equipped with a rotating side-mounted visor, but it proved somewhat useless to drivers. Tesla released the new attachable Front Upper Windshield Sunshade stating that it would keep out 2/3 of excess light and heat from permeating the front windshield.

Following the release of the free sunshade, Tesla is now selling additional options. A Falcon Wing Sunshade for the inside of the roof windows is one such option. Another is available for the rear liftgate and should allow users to still have acceptable visibility out the back, while blocking sun and heat. All the sunshades are made of mesh fabric that is super lightweight and are built on collapsible frames that can be stored in a provided pouch when not in use.

The sunshades are available on the Tesla Gear Store for $110 each.

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Sunshade

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Sunshade

Tesla Model X Rear Liftgate Sunshade

Tesla Model X Rear Liftgate Sunshade

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That was the first thing I mentioned about that pano windshield. Yet many blasted me about it…..lol

Just line the sunshade with aluminum foil for best results……….lol

I’ve been in direct sun many times on my 3000+ roadtrip and the windshield existing tint has been outstanding. Never for myself and several passenger experiences has it ever seemed hot when that sun is shining through the tint. Only people that complain are those that haven’t experienced it first hand.

I don’t believe you.

How ’bout a green one, for swanky accountants?

Only $110 each!!! LOL!

$220 for both sunshades is 1/2 the cost of a $450 CHAdeMO Adapter, and almost 1/2 the cost of a $500 High Power Wall Connector EVSE. That sounds way overpriced to me.

I still don’t understand how you can order eyeglasses with Transitions lenses that automatically darken in bright sunlight at any optometrist, but Tesla didn’t think to put Transitions auto-darkening tech in its huge windshield.

Figure cost per square inch, and it will all make sense to you: i.e., smaller glasses are less expensive to coat than the world’s largest production crossover windshield.

Keep flaunting your ignorance like it’s an asset. 😉

I doubt that a coating applied during mass production of the panoramic windshield would cost more than a $110 sunshade.

Keep flaunting your doucheness like its an asset. 😉

sven said:

“I doubt that a coating applied during mass production of the panoramic windshield would cost more than a $110 sunshade.”

Seriously? Even if it was possible to apply the Transitions coating to glass — Transition lenses are plastic — I would be very surprised indeed if Tesla’s cost wouldn’t be significantly greater than $110.

Now there is something similar for glass lens eyeglasses; I used to wear a pair. But that coating wasn’t exactly cheap either.

As some of us discussed in comments to the previous article on this subject, what I’d really like to see is the sort of controllable electronic polarization of glass seen in some office windows. But I dunno if anyone has put that into car windows.

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“Now there is something similar for glass lens eyeglasses; I used to wear a pair. But that coating wasn’t exactly cheap either.”

You do realize that the price you paid for the coating on your eyeglasses doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on what it cost to make/apply? That Tesla sunshade probably cost $1 to make, yet they’re selling it for $110. Same thing goes for fancy sneakers like the latest $350 Air Jordans, which probably cost $5 to make.

Eyeglasses, frames, and coating have a huge markup. The $18 Costco 3-pack of reading glasses with flexible titanium frames and UV coated lens have frames that are on par with the quality of frames that optometrists try to sell to you for hundreds of dollars. Likewise, the UV coating on $300 sunglasses is no better than the UV coating on $5 sunglasses. Many years ago when blue-mirrored Revo sunglasses came out, they cost $200. Now you can buy $5 sunglasses with the same blue-mirror coating.

The glass self darkening technology is called Photo Gray.

He shoots, he scores! BAM! +2

The way Sven needles Tesla with nonsense reminds me of the way my 10 year old tries incessantly to jab her older sister…

Since money is no object for you, why don’t you buy a $110 sunshade from Tesla and use it as a partition to kept your kids separated?

At about 3-4 years, they stop transitioning.

How many cars do you know with progressive lens tech? My guess is none. So it would be logical to conclude that the technology is either impractical or cost-prohibitive. But please share any research that makes you believe otherwise.

Rick (no, not that Rick)

I wonder what a piece of sheet metal on the roof would have cost?

Rick (no, not that Rick)

Answer: About $3 per sf, retail.

That rear view mirror looks like it has an electrical conduit.

Anyone know what it’s for?

If I had to guess, auto-dimming rear view mirror and LED map lights at the bottom of the mirror, since there is no ceiling to mount a map light.

The mirror also houses the AutoPilot front-facing camera


The use of polarized glass may have been an option just a thought don’t know if that’s even legal for automotive application. But I guess as long as it was above the as1 markings on the windshield then there anything goes

Just more ways to milk the rich/wealthy Tesla Model X owners…

First we give you light, now we are going to sell you shade for more… LOL.

this is so ghetto.

The X gets hotter than almost any other car, as I have personally experienced, but the pano roof is too nice to be sunshaded. I might use the FWD sunshades to further block EV for kids in the second row.

It is pretty easy to tell from your previous comments that you don’t own a Model X, and most likely don’t own any EV. So I am guessing your anecdotal evidence was from your imagination.

First we sell you a bad idea at top dollar, then we sell you a band aid solution for a bad idea at top dollar… now who will remove snow and ice from this huge windshield where the wipers can’t reach? From personal experience in the MS.. the pano roof makes the car much hotter in the summer..and much colder in the winter.. I got my MS 90D without the glass roof and I am very happy… saved $2500 plus another $400 for roofsun screens… M3 reservation holders take note.. all that glass will come at a cost.. there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”.. prepare to sweat and freeze when the weather is in extremes.. and BTW.. don’t get caught in a hailstorm.. no way I’d want to be in that fishbowl… sticking with the MS just the way I have it..
Fishbowls are for fish.. think.AMC Pacer late 1970’s early 1980’s.. dreadful hatchback.. yuck!

“…now who will remove snow and ice from this huge windshield where the wipers can’t reach?Now who will remove snow and ice from your metal roof where the wipers don’t reach? Both questions make the same amount of sense.

So you’re attempting to tell me that the A/C won’t be able to handle all the glass on the M3? Okay, I’ll believe that without question. And if you’re complaining about the Arizona heat on a M3 when parked, I have the obvious solution for any Arizonian in any car: get a car cover.