Tesla Now Accepting Both Model S and Model X Orders in Japan


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors was the only US automaker to appear at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Why was Tesla there?  It’s simple to answer that question.  Tesla Motors was there to let Japanese buyers know that it’s now accepting orders/reservations for the Model S and upcoming Model X.

The process in Japan is much the same as it is in the US.  Tesla requires a $2,500 full refundable deposit on Model S order and is asking for $5,000 to reserve a Model X or $40,000 for a Model X Signature.

It’s not yet known precisely when Tesla will deliver the ordered Model S sedans to Japan, but we suspect it’ll be around the same time deliveries commence in China, which is listed as early 2014.

There's a Reason Why Tesla Attended the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

There’s a Reason Why Tesla Attended the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

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I hope Tesla isn’t spreading itself to thin. Every new market needs Supercharger infrastructure to support sales. Quite an investment. OTOH: Japan should be an interesting market that can’t be kept waiting for too long.

That’s why Tesla has created a Chademo adapter for the Model-S, for use in Japan where Chademo chargers are on every corner. Tesla owners in Japan will have a ready made fast charging network. Sure, may not be as fast as supercharger but there are plenty of stations.

Thank you Japan. For every Tesla you buy, you help create the Super Charger network in the US, which you will never be able to use.


@ David Murray: Good point.

With that kind of population density they won’t need many superchargers…..but they will need a TON of them at each station.

They are likely going to bundle the CHAdeMO adapter… they made it for that market. Japan is far ahead of the US and Europe on fast chargers. I’m sure Tesla will create a few supercharger stations to demo how much faster they can work but there are loads of CHAdeMO DC fast chargers all over Japan… and with it being a relatively small country they should be fine to go anywhere they want.

I just wish we could get ours built out faster to make our LEAFs and iMievs more useful. Today SF to San Jose, Sacramento or Santa Rosa… tomorrow the world!

Even if it is faster, you still have to stop 20 mins for every 1 hour of driving…

How does the CHAdeMO DC fast charging network handle the fee? Tesla can easily suck up more than 3x of the charges comparing to the LEAF. If the fee is flat, then it would be really cheap for Tesla owners and really expensive for LEAF owners….