Tesla Not Motivated to Sell 40 kWh Model S? Not On Sale In Europe

DEC 10 2012 BY JAY COLE 6

"Ok, Time to Reserve My 40 kWh Model S. What the..." (insert British accent)

Up until very recently Tesla Motors had promoted three basic variants of the Model S worldwide, the 85 kWh, 60 kWh and 40 kWh version.  Even the company’s country-specific sub sites listed them.

That all chenged when Tesla’s website went down for maintenance just before the Model S reservation system went live for the Model S in the UK on Friday.  When it came back, the 40 kWh version was gone.

Tesla Model S Reservations Went Live Last Friday in The UK

A quick search under other Euro-zone countries yielded the same result, leaving would-be reservation holders of the 40 kWh left out in the cold.

No word from Tesla was noted on the switch, and the company has not yet commented on the apparent lineup change.

The question now is “will the 40 kWh Model S ever be sold in Europe?” and why was it dropped?

Possibly Tesla felt it could not justify the price it needed to charge on the base Model S in Europe.  Perhaps there is some additional issue with certification of that model.  Or perhaps the 40 kWh battery, which has some issues with charging like its larger siblings (no supercharging) is having issues adapted to three phase charging in Europe.

Or maybe they just want to control the amount of 40 kWh cars they have to build when they start production on them in March, and won’t offer them until next year.

Whatever the reason, if you’re in Europe, you are not getting a 40 kWh Model S anytime soon.


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My suspicion is the 40 kWh pack not long for the current platform and will disappear around the time of Model X launch. The new pack sizes will be 60 kWh, 85 kWh, and 120 kWh (Supercharger rating is 120 kW or 1C charge rate).

Then they can use the 40 kWh and 60 kWh on the Gen III to differentiate on price and performance (range).

Tesla’s motivation seems pretty obvious I think. They want to make money. So they add $10K in batteries, then sell the car for $25K more.

Other than Tesla’s own Supercharger stations (of which there are none within hundreds of miles of me anyway), I didn’t think TESLA had ANY 3 phase charging ‘solutions’, anywhere. I thought everyone in europe was forced to charge at 220-240 single phase, no matter where.

Tesla has promised to provide 3-phase charging for its European Models.

Most Europeans can not get 10 or 20 kW for charging their Teslas without using a 3-phase supply.


I have some confusion as to what exactly is available in various countries, other than knowing 220Y/380 (or 240Y/416 or 230Y/400 – its all the same) is the most popular worldwide standard.

I’m under the impression small houses have 240 volt single phase.

Larger have 40 amp 400 volt 3phase, and larger still have 100 amp 400 volt.

Is this semi-accurate?

They want to sell the upper level models first, I say by spring the 40 will be in play….