Tesla Avoids Falling Under Norway’s Weight-Based “Tesla Tax”


NOV 25 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla Model S

Good news for Tesla, and would-be future Tesla owners!

The Norwegian government has abandoned a proposal tabled in October to remove some of the tax exemptions for electric vehicles that exceeded 2,000 kg of curb weight.

Tesla Model X

The proposal was quickly dubbed the “Tesla Tax”, as long-range Tesla cars were the main (or maybe even the only) target of significance that would be taxed additionally by up to around €8,800 ($10,500 USD).

The increased price of the Model S and Model X would naturally have affected Tesla sales inside its most important European market.

Encouraging citizens to opt for lighter cars is understandable, but at current stage it would difficult to replace heavy ICE SUVs with lighter electric vehicles.

source: VG via Electrek

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Maybe they should just put a $10,500 tax on all private vehicles over 2000 kg, and address the real problem more fairly.


What is the problem being addressed?

What’s the point of any gas guzzler tax? It’s to nudge the population towards efficiency.

Swapping out a Tesla with an ioniq (30-40% greater efficiency) has a greater impact on the environment than replacing all your incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

I mean the point of $10.5K tax on ALL vehicles over 2000kg, not just gas guzzlers. Sure, taxing gas burners more makes sense for a country that must pay for for ill health effects of gas burners, but basing it strictly on weight regardless of fuel source makes no sense.

I can understand using a better measure, such as KWh/100km as opposed to weight. I don’t agree with your assumption that electricity is some kind of nectar that flows from the gods. Even in Norway, where the electricity is all hydro, adding additional capacity leads to environmental damage. That’s why your mom asked you to switch the lights off when leaving a room.

Electricity does flow from the dogs (oops, I meant gods — dyslexic, or am I?), so does oil. The question is what is the impact of such, and the factor is not solely due to weight. For example, Tesla S would have less of an impact than SmartGas; there’s simply no poison gas spewed in urban areas with BEV no matter high heavy they are. Even CO2 is not a function of weight with different fuel source.

So again, what problem is addressed when taxed solely based on weight while a car that weighs 3 times as much pollute less?

So Dan, you want to replace a car, the S, that is available now for one that is not and may not be for awhile. Wasn’t this your argument against Model 3 compared to Bolt. Hypocrisy at its finest…

Just where was that 300+ Mile Range IONIQ Announced? Why would I replace A Class A Motorhome with a Pickup & Camper, for instance?

Yeah, taxing all vehicles over a specific weight would be very counter-productive to the EV revolution. BEVs are heavier than their gasmobile counterparts, and long-range BEVs are heavier than short-range BEVs.

Trying to force people to buy lightweight BEVs would be quite counter-productive. BEVs with larger battery packs have many advantages over their shorter-ranged siblings, and it’s the longer-ranged BEVs that are better equipped to compete with gasmobiles.

Yeah right. . if only cars in Norway had SO LOW taxes.. I used to drive a VW Caravelle.. .cheapest version with smallest engine, no extras what so ever, and the tax was 50 000 US dollars. Now.. imagine the tax on a heavy Mercedes.. we’re talking at least twice that. Now imagine the tax on a supercar, which equal about 2 x the asking price. Not to mention the tax that used to be on boat engines, outboard motors, motorcycles and so on. It it’s not electric, and it has a motor, there will be taxes. Chainsaws, lawnmowers and a few other things may be with only 25% VAT. There is a reason why so many buys electric. If normal cars had normal prices, and the fuel had a normal price – I’m sure there would be much lower sales. The added benefits with free parking, no road tolls, free ferries, free charging, lagal to drive in bus lanes and so on is important to many, and the environment is also a huge reason. There is also a reason many people drive around in tiny cars with tiny weak engines. There is a reason that an engine delivers less… Read more »

They already have a ~35k weight tax for such ICE. Plus carbon tax, VAT and Box tax that the EV don’t pay.

How about a carbon tax

We’re way ahead of you. We’ve had a carbon tax for a decade.. that is why light weight cars that got tiny engines that use little fuel got a tax advantage. That is also the reason why a car with a diesel engine got an advantage. A diesel car emmit less CO2 then a petrol car – due to how the engine works. Nitrogen oxides does not cause global warming. And I guess the polititians failed the class that explained the more detailed workings of the various engine types, and their emissions. Carbon tax is also the reason why I can’t buy a box of compressed air any longer. Now it is some flamable sh** that is probably close to lighter gas of some kind. There are people that has sprayed this on warm objects, or static or high voltage electronics. I bet they don’t do that again. oh yeah.. .but you could get a MASSIVE CO2 tank used when fruit/vegetables are stored before it is being shipped to stores. One of these tanks have room for more CO2 then a few thousand engineers use, with their tiny compressed air boxes for the rest of their life.. Also .. there… Read more »

Already hefty carbon, NOx and weight tax.

How about no tax?