Tesla “Not A Dream” Professionally Made Ad: Mad Max Style – Video


Tesla "Not A Dream" Video

Tesla “Not A Dream” Video

A surreal land of oil & gas is visited by an unlikely yet welcomed stranger.

This latest “fan” made Tesla video is expertly executed by a team of professionals.

As we’ve seen numerous times in the past, fan-made Tesla commercials often rival those put out by major automakers with massive advertising budgets.

This video makes use of quotes directly from Nikola Tesla to tell the story.


It is not a dream
It is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering
Electric power can drive the worlds machinery without the need of coal, oil, or gas
Although perhaps humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the inventors keen searching sense
Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea be hampered in its adolescence
All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed, only to emerge all the more triumphantly from the struggle.

Our duty is to lay the foundation for those that are to come, and to point the way
Yes, humanity will advance with giant strides
We are whirling through endless space at an inconceivable speed
All around everything is spinning; everything is moving;
Everywhere, there is energy!

  • Director, Story, VFX, Edit, Sound: Freise Brothers
  • Cinematographer: Christian Evans, Freise Brothers
  • Actors: Giles Ashford, S. Hong
  • Music: Diana by ‘Sonic Architect’ Tony Anderson
  • Nikola Tesla Narration: Jonathan David Dixon

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I like it.

Perfectly captured, the Luddites who feel a sense of irrational security with the petroleum hamster wheel are on the way out and it’s glorious to see. The argument for the ICE model grows flimsier by the day and would be humorous were it not so sad. The next 10 years are gonna be unbelievable to watch with regards to EV evolution, I can’t wait!

I hate to say it, but this ad reminds me of EV1 ads. That’s not a good thing.


I disagree, the Tesla ad has a good ending, full of hope. GM’s are creepy all along.

BTW this was when they decided NOT to sell the EV1, Before, they were like this :

“Tesla ad has a good ending, full of hope. GM’s are creepy all along.” Agreed for the TV ad, but the EV1 print ad shows ‘the past’ in shadow, but ‘future’ (EV1) in sunshine and color.

Anyway, I think the Freise Tesla ‘ad’ is too dark for too long, but that could be fixed in editing.

I don’t agree that it is too dark for too long. Having just watched ‘The Mine Wars’ on PBS’ ‘American Experience’ and seeing vintage footage from that era, one must note that Tesla quote involves coal, oil and gas. The ‘dark’ of this video stops at oil, when the darkness of our energy uses goes on, in various forms, for more than a century. Oil is CLEAN in comparison to coal. When you combine the filth of the coal yard with the thick black smoke of steam locomotives used to haul those massive coal trains, you REALLY see how dark it is…since we STILL use that stuff, too.

Filth, lots and lots of filth…from the BP Gulf Oil spill to the train explosion in Canada, people SHOULD be reminded of all the ugliness that fossil fuels involve. I can easily envision a video where the fictitious virtual oil field of the current video is replaced by horrific REAL WORLD images involving pelicans drenched in crude…’CRUDE’…even the word itself is prophetic.

The Mine Wars was great example of out of control corporate greed coupled with government backing of those corporations.
The phrase from the song 16 Tons ‘Sold my soul to the company store,’ is all too accurate.

While I would agree mostly in sentiment with your comment, I think the video did a good job in discussing the competitiveness of the industry and the transportation disadvantage that southern WV coal operators had to deal with. Much like the current global oil situation, those who pull resources out of the ground can be in complete cut-throat competition with others pulling the same resource out of the ground in a different location. Everything needs a balance and employees must appreciate that they can create a job killing imbalance if there is not enough give and take. UAW, in recent decades, is a good example of extracting too much from employers and killing their own employment. But, those folks in WV, along with a lot of other laborers a hundred years ago, needed union bargaining power because, indeed, they lived the lives of slaves, being paid in company script and forced to buy and live in company-owned operations. However, the wonton taking of life, on both sides, demonstrates that money became the root of all evil, as they say. From a neutral observer standpoint, if you feel you have to pick up a weapon and kill over your paycheck, it… Read more »

Walking away after you’ve been so deeply wronged can be very hard for people with a sense of justice.

“Good heavens, are you still trying to win? You’ve got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance, that’s going to get you in trouble someday.”

I actually liked the EV1 appliance ad. It’s better than the creepy shadow ad.

I agree. I thought it was heartwarming the first time I saw it.

Call me crazy, but I like the narrated message of the EV1 ad, it resonates with me to this day. “How did we go so long without it?” is the introspection, the turning away moment that is so crucial.

Are you crazy! ? 😉

The colors are creepy, the voice, the words, the music, the static scenes, the hidden car, all is to scare people off EVs.

Hmmm…creepy. After looking at those ads, I am thinking of an APPROPRIATELY creepy advertisement. At Blue Springs State Park in Florida, there is an old house still furnished from its vintage appearance at the turn of the last century. When you read one of the placards, you will discover the tragedy of the daughter of that household being BURNED TO DEATH USING A GASOLINE POWERED CLOTHES IRON. Along with the vision shown in the Nissan Leaf commercial, where everything, including a dentist’s drill is powered by gasoline, there are REAL WORLD examples that could demonstrate the folly of choosing gasoline over electric.

Just imagine the commercial where they show this gasoline powered clothes iron, and some statistics about how many people were killed and how much property was damaged…then show the statistic of over 20,000 gasoline car fires every MONTH…then show the plug of the electric clothes iron and the phrase ‘no-brainer’ as they pan off to an EV…

Very good but that dramatic voice is ridiculous.

Sorry, it can be the real voice of Nikolas Tesla.

It isn’t Nicolas voice, but his own words pronounce by Jonathan David Dixon.

Don’t know of any original voice recording of Tesla, but I like to hear it some.

Exactly. I was going to say the narrator sounds frenetic/stressed. Better to use the actual audio of N. Tesla, and tell the audience beforehand that it’s him.

From what I’ve seen, the consensus seems to be that the voice in the video Mart provides is not really Tesla. There seem to be no confirmed recordings of Tesla’s speech at all, as various Tesla scholars and institutes report.

One recorded ad for Edison recordings, made at a time when he worked there, has been claimed as him. It seems plausible, and the voice has an early 20th-Century “elocution” sound, a very clipped and precise almost British accent, but with traces of a foreign accent too. It is quite close to the voice used here.

Is that you in there David 🙂

my thots exactly

dramatic and weird audio. I have heard at least one interview with Nikola.


Thanks Ambulator, that is probably easier access than the Vimeo link…will add it in to the story, (=

Awesome inspiration…to those of us who get it. Tesla was ahead of his time, and OUT of his time, by a century or more. In a world (oil) pumping itself to dirt cheap prices, and oblivion, I certainly hope our EV mentality is not equally out of time. Tesla was a ‘rock star’ of sorts during his lifetime, but at life’s end, he was seen more of a fringe element. I wish & hope his words can be embraced anew as all the world’s oil producers slash each other’s throats & bathe the planet in so much oil we can’t burn fast enough.

I like this ad a lot, but I’m not sure how something so dark in tone will play to general audiences.

Quoting Nikola Tesla: “Electric power can drive the worlds machinery without the need of coal, oil, or gas”

Now that has me wondering just what prompted the quote. It sounds like something he might have said at the 1895 inauguration of the Tesla-Westinghouse Niagara Falls Power Plant.

Except that electricity is largely made with coal, oil, and gas.

If only college and university students decided this was one way to become activists in shaping their future and moving us toward a zero carbon world. Write and produce a video equal to or better than this promoting and explaining electric cars…

Too bad that decades ago college and university students became activists in the No Nukes movement and shaped their future and our present as a coal-powered world, and squashed any chance for a nuclear-powered zero carbon emissions world. They were misguided in thinking coal was a more environmentally friendly choice for electricity generation.

A really good video. I think all the Tesla owners should collaborate and make a 30-45 second video and have EM pay for it to play on Super Bowl Sunday.

How much you wanna bet GM pays for an ICE vehicle AD for Super Bowl Sunday?

An oil platform in the middle of the desert?

The vid posits a dead, dry aftermath of fossil-fuel use, Mad Max style. Think deserts where there used to be oceans and salt-water seas like the Dead Sea… The was the impression I got, anyway.

“An oil platform in the middle of the desert?” Of course it also shows trucks and tanks rising into the air! I think it’s meant as surrealism.

nice glimps of his energy transmitting tower at the end 🙂

I noticed that too, a very nice touch!

Back in the day oil company thugs would have probably burned down the Fremont factory.

Luckily we are mostly past those times at least literally. Figuratively though they are trying to thwart evs by spreading FUD, concerning evs. Well and of course, trying to the use their paid for politicians, the government, agencies or business organizations such as NADA, to throw up roadblocks to negatively affect the ev makers ability to do business.

I give it a thumbs up but I’m not sure how JQ Public would react.

Anyone else notice the Wardencliff tower at 1:15 on the video? Nice touch.

Nice bit of having a wardenclyff tower in there
at 1:15 (see right hand corner)

Very cool video, though I wish they had managed to find a better voice-actor, or located the few recordings of Tesla’s actual voice making that speech.

Vid is dark, true, but how ‘light’ will our world be if we keep to burning dino-juice? Life IS energy, and the sun is what powers that energy. Instead of burning dead things to use their carbon as fuel, using the energy of the sun through passive collectors makes a hell of a lot of sense.

Tesla, you were under-appreciated in your time. You were a futurist in the true sense of the term.

There are no known, confirmed recordings of Tesla’s voice. In the one that might have the best claim — an Edison ad from the period Tesla worked there — the accent is similar to that used in this ad. Contemporaries described that he had a higher-pitched, soft-spoken voice.

Oh how soon we forget.

For those who are old enough – or have read the Steve Jobs book, this is the ad that was make-or-break for Apple. In fact, Steve Jobs broke the bank to show what some believe to be THE most influential TV ad in history, and it played once – during the Super Bowl.

How many would call this “dark”?