Tesla’s Next-Gen Mobile Connector Now Available On Website




Tesla Model S/X/3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle  (Image Credit: Tesla)

Tesla continues to update its products and reflect savings back to the customer.

The Model 3 comes with a new “Gen 2” mobile connector. However, thus far, the Model X and S were still being delivered with the first-generation mobile connector. Now, Tesla is offering the new bundle on its website and delivering all subsequent vehicles with the updated equipment. The company’s website states:


It appears that the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle is very similar to the previous edition (shown above), although the adaptors and the case are different (Image Credit: Tesla)

“This product is included as standard equipment with your Tesla vehicle, however, purchasing another Mobile Connector Bundle may provide extra convenience if you wish to keep one set at the home and carry another in the car.”

A few years ago, when the automaker updated its Wall Connector (HPWC), the price dropped by a surprising $250 per unit. Not long after that, the Mobile Connector saw an update, along with a $100 price drop. It started at $650, then dropped to $550, and a version without connectors was priced at $520.

This new Gen 2 bundle costs $300 and includes the connectors, which seem to be an improvement from the past connectors. This is a substantial price drop on an already discounted product.

Product description via Tesla’s website:


1 x Mobile Connector Main Unit (with 20 ft cable)
1 x NEMA 14-50 Adapter*
1 x NEMA 5-15 Adapter
1 x Storage Bag”
*The second generation mobile connector has a max output of 32 amps when using the 14-50 adapter.

The standard warranty for the Mobile Connector Bundle is 1 year for over the counter and aftermarket online purchases. The Mobile Connector Bundle purchased with the vehicle is covered under the 4 year/50,000 miles (80,000km) Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty for North America.

Source: Tesla

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They continue to leave the competition in the rear view mirror.

EVery. Plug in car should come with a good cord set with adapters. Nissan now provides a 120 240 volt cord set with a few adapters but only in their SV SL models.
Tesla is still the only automaker with a nationwide charging net-work. You only find this out after you have owned a plug in for a while. Other few so called fast chargers are only half as fast. They are very expensive too.
Thank you Tesla for providing the best and safest zero emission cars on the planet and charging everyplace for everyone in an EV World.

Yes, nice, but, if they really whant to improve there charger, they would add a type2 connecter and a chardemo ind the same bundle

Yeah, but you do get the Type 1/2 adapter with the car anyway (not with the bundle, but how many do you really need?).

Europeans don’t need an adapter since all the Teslas run at public chargers without one. Its only North Americans who need j1772 adapters with Teslas since the Euro Tesla jack is Mennekes compatible, but the North American Tesla Jack isn’t compatible with our standard.

I live in DK, and to connect to a type 2 charger you need a complete new cabel, and when you go to france you need a type 3c cable, in norway you need an new connecter for the tesla cabel, and again you need a chardemo for fast charge, included with the tesla is the blue plug 16 Amp single phase and the red plug 16 Amp 3 phase, i gave up on public chargers thanks god for superchargers

Of course, the complication there is that, in Europe, you provide your own cable, whereas in the states, the cable is hardwired to the wallbox docking station.

I should have said things SHOULD have been made easy in Europe – but apparently the electric car charging situation there is devolving into the same situation as toasters and table lamps; the fact that, Power is very similiar in the various countries, but most have their own unique attachment plugs. You wouldn’t think that THE EXACT SAME MISTAKE would be made with car charging – but, that’s life.

Where did all my previous comments go?