Tesla Releases Stunning New Zealand Model S Launch Video


A few weeks ago, Tesla officially launched the Model S in New Zealand. The Model S is already in delivery mode in the country, and the Model X is set to arrive in just a few weeks.

Tesla Model S, New Zealand

Tesla Model S, New Zealand

New Zealand, like its neighbor, Australia, is all about renewable energy. And as such, Tesla has substantial plans for both countries.

NZ already provides 80 percent renewable energy. The country saw monumental demand for the Model 3 as well, which is part of why Tesla is accelerating expansion there.

Tesla put together an 45 second promo video signifying the launch, but mostly highlighting the Model S in all of its glory, tooling around the gorgeous destination. It really looks like the perfect home for sustainable transportation, and a spectacular opportunity for filming (just ask Peter Jackson).

The launch video is nothing more than a Tesla Model S commercial. Perhaps Project Loveday contest applicants can watch and take some notes. The camera work and imagery are astounding, and the way that everything syncs with the soundtrack is seamless. Simple, yet highly effective.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Does “Launch video” = Commercial?


Yes, of course. Interesting to see Tesla change of stance on making commercials, promo video, whatever you want to call it. I think it indicates they are reaching saturation point and need to increase awareness and therefore demand.

The video didn’t compel me to buy their product. 45 seconds of scenes flashing by so quickly I couldn’t concentrate on any one aspect. Nice scenery, though. I’d have to slow it down to enjoy the views.

HATE the shutter stuff.

Also, they need to add some fast windy road driving, for the testosterone crowd.

Looks like they started with some calm, even tranquil segments, they should have stuck with that. And made 2 TWO commercials. For both sides of the driving dynamic.

But, that shutter/flutter/dropped frame tech is boring and old today.

This is certainly one of the most enjoyable car ads I’ve ever seen. The article is right to praise the camera work, imagery, editing, and score (sound track). But as DangerHV says, it doesn’t necessarily make me want to run out and buy the car. The message here seems to be “This land is a very nice, pleasant place to live” rather than “This is a fantastic car and you should buy one now!

“New Zealand, like its neighbor, Australia, is all about renewable energy”.

NZ- yes; OZ-NO!! with annual $43 BILLION of coal exports there has been immense resistance to renewables; only in recent times have they begun to take off

Exports- Australian financial years
2008–09 2015–16
Thermal coal 136.4 254.0
Metallurgical coal 125.0 209.0
Total 261.4 463.0

Consider- Perth, WA is the capital city with the highest sunshine hours in the world, yet solar panels are still a rare sight!