Tesla “Unexpected” New Product Unveiling Scheduled For 5 PM (PT) – Update

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OCT 19 2016 BY JAY COLE 32

Tesla product unveiling scheduled for 5PM (California time)

Tesla product unveiling scheduled for 5PM (California time) via Twitter/Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Just by way of a PSA:

The much anticipated, yet “unexpected by many” new Tesla product reveal…that was recently slightly delayed will now officially arrive later this afternoon, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk update on the event on his twitter.

“Tesla announcement goes live at 5pm California time. 30 minutes of media Q&A to follow.”

UPDATE (October 19th, 8:05):  The event has now taken place, and it was kinda Model 3 related.  In that the upcoming long range car (and other Tesla EVs now in production) are getting full self-driving hardware.  Level 5 automoy is apparently coming.  Full details/event recap here.

Because the timing of the event is similar to other significant reveals, and is scheduled for just after the US market closes, investors seem to think it will be significant news, with shares trading up after the tweet – reaching as high as $206.66 (+$7.56 +3.8%).  A real time quote can be found here.

Here is the original tweet for the unveiling from October 9th:

Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Here is some of the early popular guesses as to what it could be:

See you around 5-ish (Tesla-time)!


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I hope it’s a version of the Model X WITHOUT the Falcon Wing Doors and WITH folding 2nd row seats! Model Y?

I belive that if tesla would remove the falcon doors they would have to redesign so much and then do all crash testing and so on so it would probebly be easier to do a completely new model.

Why would you think that? A regular door should make the roof stronger and the car lighter. It’s better for everything.


It’s actually a reasonable guess by Blast, since the FWDs (Falcon Wing Doors) and the lack of folding 2nd row affect usability as an SUV.

They have planned to release a 5-seat version, and it’s _conceivable_ that they’d release it and drop the FWDs in that version as well.

I still think they’d keep working at the FWDs, because they have value getting passengers with limited mobility into a taxi. With the plan for autonomous ride-sharing, getting the FWD working smoothly would have greater future value.

How about a HPWC that can let the car double as a back up power supply?

Tesla has indicated that it’s not interested into pursuing V2G or V2H, although it’s interested in doing (smart) G2V/H2V.

A high margin low volume car based on the model 3 platform like the new roadster in order to “break-in” all the new production equipment and make good money at the same time?

Wasn’t there supposed to be a Model ≡ reveal “Part Deux”?

……or not.

They said closer to production.
But, they just said to save the date for Jan. ?, 2017 for a major event.
So, I’m guessing that will be the 2nd reveal.

I want a robotic snake arm charger for my i-Miev.

* Tesla Model 3 – further details, new trims or option levels announced
* 100D release/stats for Model S and Model X

It can’t be these, they are not “unexpected by most”. In fact that’s what most would expect.

Would they need an extra 48 hours of tweaking?

“Tesla announcement goes live at 5pm California time. 30 minutes of media Q&A to follow.”

5PM (PT), that’s 2AM CET (Europe), so not many European journalists will be awake for the announcement and following Q&A.
So I wonder if this is something only relevant to the American market. Otherwise it would make more sense to announce in the morning in the US, where Europeans are still awake.

The Model lll reveal was also in the middle of the night for us in Europe, I believe it’s for us to.

PayPal integration into the Model 3 operating system as the only means for activating a Supercharger?

How about a solar panoramic roof for Model S, 3, and Y?

Possibly a trailer designed to be towed by a Model X without drawing extra power from the vehicle…

The possibilities are endless!

“So I wonder if this is something only relevant to the American market. Otherwise it would make more sense to announce in the morning in the US, where Europeans are still awake.”

Tesla always makes public statements/announcements/reveals after US market close. That is actually a few hours earlier than 5pm pdt, but, Elon is a night guy anyway. The neon and laser lighting is better. 🙂

He’s the CEO of two companies and chairman at others…I believe he pick the night as it interferes the least with his schedule…

If it’s not related to vehicles or a bank which many analysts say they need to do mainly in foreign markets, really could be overpriced headphones which they announced as part of their referral program…

So if I access the stream at 10:15 central I should only have to wait 15 minutes before the show starts.

AutoPilot 2.0 hardware, with Level 4 autonomy is still my #1 guess.

But I am starting to think there could be a chance that Tesla might be opening up the SuperCharger network to start making it a revenue generator. So Tesla to CHAdeMO (opposite of what they have now and Tesla to CCS adapters with built in payment mechanism.

Everything Tesla has been doing lately is about prepping for a capital raise to fund Model 3 production. Wall St might get excited about the monetization of the SuperCharger network.

I would guess at pricing of $500 per adapter and $10-$30 per charger session (probably on a per minute basis).

Let’s hope your second guess is right. If it is that might change my attitude towards Tesla.

I’m still not buying a Model 3. I might buy a Model Y if it uses a non-proprietary charging system. But let’s not get our hopes up.

Opening up the SuperCharger Network to the CCS/CHAdeMO EV’s, might bring in some additional revenue. I would hate to be charging my 30 kWh CHAdeMO battery, and have a Tesla Owner, who paid $ 2k for the lifetime charging privilege, waiting on me (as all the other chargers are presently full) to “Finish Up”.

Some how, I can’t see Tesla needing my extra revenue, unless they charge a hefty premium for my Non Tesla “out of network” car. Josh B. has it right on the cost metric, at about “$10. – $30. per charger session”. The extra income, from the 30-60 kWh battery Non Tesla cars, might start to add up, and might ramp up the roll out of the broader Tesla SC Network. Hard to know where St. Elon will wave his magic wand next.

I was underwhelmed by the PowerWall announcement. I would surprised if there’s anything exciting in this announcement. The only thing that might excite me is if Tesla announces they are going to put in 150 kW CCS and CHAdeMO chargers at all their Supercharger stations.

Retrofit battery pack for Nissan Leaf! Tesla is a battery pack company. Their packs are the secret sauce for their cars and their (upcoming, not quite here yet) energy storage systems. If they made a drop-in replacement battery that would allow Nissan Leafs to go 150 miles on a charge, it would move them toward their goal of getting more cheap EVs on the road WITHOUT the massive engineering cost of designing another car. And just like that, tens of thousands of wildly depreciating Nissan Leafs would be worth buying again!

Ok, I’m not holding out much hope for this, but it be unexpected, and makes some sense. 🙂

Hmm, wouldn’t some of those who upgrade their Leaf no longer want to buy the model 3?
It would be very unexpected for sure.

Your idea is way too early. There’s no market for replacement EV batteries yet. No one is going to fork over $10K+ for another battery while thier original battery is still under warranty.

Your 150 mile range retrofit Leaf would need at least a 45 kWh battery. I am wondering what space, all those 18-650 cells are going to “pack” into, with an additional thermal management system, and aftermarket retrofit. Maybe next years production of the newer 21-70 Tesla battery format, will be better suited for an aftermarket 45 kWh Leaf battery retrofit. Will wait and see, once the Tesla pack price approaches $100.00 per kWh. Used 2011-2012 Leafs need to really get well below the $5K price barrier for an expensive and heavy retrofit.

Well, it looks like Model 3 2.0 now according to the latest tweet.

Interesting if it’s a full blown part 2 reveal with the only real reason to decrease Bolt EV order but then again GM and Tesla are arch rivals and Musk has been very “petty” in the past…

As noted by others, the “new product” could be HUD which could be available in the S/X…

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Trump the trump

Supercharger adapters for CCS vehicles allowing pay-per-use supercharging.

Tesla Time, like the song Tusla Time: