Tesla’s New Attendance Policy Leaks Out, Reveals…



In the midst of Tesla’s push to become profitable, the company initiated a new attendance beginning July 1st.

Weeks ago, Tesla publicized plans to lay off some 9 percent of its global employees, which amounts to about 4,000 job cuts. Now, in order to assure fairness and productivity, the automaker has implemented a new attendance policy.

Tesla explained that the attendance policy has been in the planning process for a few months and it’s much like what an employee would expect at any other company. According to CNBC, Tesla shared:

Based on employee feedback, we’ve recently updated our attendance policy to be more fair and flexible. We’re appreciative of the hard work by our production teams, and regularly review policies to work for our employees. The policy update has been in the works for nearly two months and is similar to what you would find at other companies.

The policy clarifies penalties for attendance issues. As an example, it will punish a worker more strictly for being an hour late than for being 10 minutes late. However, it also makes it clear that a manager could cite an employee for being one minute late or leaving one minute early. Workers will accumulate “demerits” for such behavior, which could ultimately lead to termination.

CNBC says that according to the policy, a veteran worker may be able to get away with nine “occurrences” of being five minutes late, while being an hour late five times would likely lead to job loss.

The policy goes on to explain that new employees may be given fewer second chances than seasoned employees. If you’re a rookie at Tesla and continue to come in late or leave early, you probably won’t have a job for very long. This is an expectation that is in place at many companies and should have been communicated to Tesla workers long ago.

Additionally, the policy explains that employees can be required to work overtime with minimal notice. This would be in the event of “critical business needs,” as determined by upper-level managers.

To read Tesla’s new attendance policy in its entirety, follow the link below.

Source: CNBC

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I wonder what would be considered “leaving early”. Would refusing to work an extra 2-4 hours past your regular shift after being told it would be “highly encouraged” to work those extra hours be considered “leaving early”? Definitely a way for Tesla to force workers to work longer hours without actually “forcing” mandatory overtime.
“Sure, you’re free to leave “early”! But remember that new attendance policy!” *wink wink*

Guess what? In America, if someone doesn’t care for the company rules they are free to voluntarily leave and work at the next place that has more ‘likable’ rules.

Yeah the rules are your schedule, can’t fire me if I don’t need to go over the hours you gave me. Schedule me those hours and I will do them

Another clearly impartial and unbiased take on a Tesla story by InsideEVs contributor bro1999. I’m so glad this site employs you as a writer, since it reflects so well on the staff as a whole.

Apparently keeping the comments section stocked with trolls is good for traffic. At least that’s what a staff member more or less suggested IIRC. If so, it would be sad because I find the willful negativity these types are spreading particularly irksome. In fact I feel creating an atmosphere of negativity around Tesla might be something people get paid to do regardless of the value or logic of their contributions.

You and Shaun must be some of the guys sending harassing and threatening emails to the IEVs staff. Sad!

The lies and nonsense definitely come easy to you. Always have. A prized troll no doubt.

Notice the lack of a denial. 😉

Well, the terms “lies”and “nonsense” seem pretty clear to me but I guess not to somebody for whom these terms have long since become a way of life.😉

Sending emails? LOL, no I’m afraid some of us work for a living and can’t spend all day doing useless stuff like that or trolling the comments section of articles. I don’t expect you to understand that, driving around in the most expensive 15 thousand dollar car money can buy. Maybe if you spent more time working you wouldn’t have to display such huge amounts of jealousy towards others who can afford something nicer. I get it though, driving around an estrogen-mobile that resembles a small minivan is extremely emasculating. I would probably need to play keyboard warrior all day to compensate too. My sympathies.

Yes, I’ve penned several articles published on IEVs. How many have you written?
I’m sure what the vast majority of commenters want is more completely unbiased EVANNEX articles. *rolls eyes*

Squelch… what was that?

Uuugh, who left a pair of eyes on the floor?


Probably, but managers know they will lose workers if they’re too harsh. This may be an executive reaction to managers attempting to deal with burnt out employees by looking the other way every so often.

Yea, Way Too Harsh !….They should allow them to work Or Not Work, Or take Breaks , Stop Production , Take time 0ff Without Notice , And still Get Paid ! Etc: Etc: When ever they Feel Like, Make it a Free For All ! ! ..IDIOTS ! !

Well, as long as they still are handing out free Red Bull and no longer requiring employees to walk through raw sewage!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“I wonder what would be considered “leaving early”.”

Leaving early would have to be approved by the sup or manager. If it jacks up the prod line, then it’s the managers/sup’s fault.

That’s a very negative view – have you worked for Tesla and are testifying that was your experience, citing a verifiable source or simply discrediting a company behind the anonymity of a website, maybe for financial gain?

None of the above. I’m just a dude asking questions. ‘MURICA! 😀

Why do you think so many people are salaried now? Pays a bit more than hourly but you can basically work them as much as you want.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I used to get pissed off when some peeps came in late when I was on the production floor.
Work piles up and slows the line down and the rest have to pickup the slack. I think that’s a generous change for them and if an employee doesn’t like, get the phµck out and find a new job!

Can someone remind me why is this being reported again?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Why’s it being reported at all?????

These are the most Lenient rules I have ever seen, especially for manufacturing!

In most, if not all, companies isn’t there a “probation” period of employment. Some are 3 months and I’ve heard can go up to 9 months.
If a new employee isn’t showing up on time for their shifts, isn’t it the companys’ right to say “see you later” since that person doesn’t have the desire to work.
Production lines depends highly on the dedication of their staff so things run smoothly.
How many employees would big 3 lose (and I’m sure there are a lot they’d like to let go) if it weren’t for the union and tenure?

I run a manufacturing plant.
Our work rules are pretty simple.
1. Show up on time (1 minute late is late, do it more than a few times and you’re fired)
2. Work.
3. Go home when the job is done. We *average* 8 hour days. Some are 6, some are 10. Blame the Toyota Production System and the desire of everyone to have JIT (just in time) everything.

I tell everyone the same thing. If you don’t like it, leave. No one is forcing you to stay here. But we offer full benefits, generous vacation, and I’m usually pretty easy to get along with. Nearly everyone that leaves calls back later wanting their job back.

“If you don’t like it, leave”.

Classic non-unionised workplace. Choose your master or starve under a bridge. Freedom!

It is called capitalism

No it’s called elitism

I agree. I could make no stronger indictment!

Many folks seem to be ignoring the portion of the letter published in this article: “Based on employee feedback, we’ve recently updated our attendance policy to be more fair and flexible.”

THE ATTENDANCE POLICY WAS AMENDED IN RESPONSE TO EMPLOYEES. Without a union to push and cajole, maybe things are better at Fremont than CNBC and Reuters would have us believe.

Maybe you’re right, but on the other hand, it could just be spin. Management are still employees, so maybe they asked for it.

“the policy explains that employees can be required to work overtime with minimal notice. This would be in the event of “critical business needs,” as determined by upper-level managers.”

This is why Tesla has a “bad” reputation in the silicon valley for being a “bad place” to work because it is infamous here for “overworking” its people and “underpaying” them. (not necessarily on the late policy, but on the overtime portion).

Stock options were also leaned on in a way that slowed way down, as effective comp, and were arguably inappropriate for lower paid workers. Dunno if that changed.

The work policy, on an assembly line? Duh. I’ll wait for credible anecdote, before believing in forced overtime.

Coming soon: In response to investors’ requests, Tesla announces a social media policy requiring pre-clearance of posts by senior company figures, particularly those who are multi-tasking and probably working on limited sleep.

People are freaking out because Tesla’s rules are that you have to contact your supervisor to get permission if you are going to leave before the end of a shift, or not make it in time for the beginning of a shift. Which they waive if here is an emergency for you or your family.

And if you don’t, you will get coached on how to call your boss.
If you still get it wrong you will get a firm talking to.
If you keep doing it you will get an even more stern memo.
And if you still can’t get your act together they will tell you to get your shtt together or get another job, before they actually fire you.

OMG!!! I feel sorry for whoever these folks work for that think this policy is some sort of horrible abusive workplace environment!! This is just basic work ethics to show up to work on time or contact your boss if you can’t.

Ok sounds like my job but the1 min late rule still sucks

Gigafactory in the EU will be fun.

Right. Because companies in Europe are not allowed to terminate workers who are repeatedly late.

What is the policy for the other automakers?

I work in automotive manufacturing. These rules are incredibly lenient.

When on salary and especially in IT, hours are not counted unless it’s a capital project. We work until the job is done. Might be 24 hours straight in an emergency situation. If they dinged me for one minute ‘late’, I’d question what the meaning of ‘late’ is for someone that works flex hours for 50 + hours a week and sometimes sleeps under their desk.

Not saying it’s easier than punching a clock. Just different.

And yes, we need to keep the boss informed if we veer off an agreed schedule.