Tesla Is On Track For Nevada Hiring And Tax Incentive Goals

Tesla Gigafactory


Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

Regardless of Tesla’s recent inability to reach production goals, the automaker is still on track for hiring and tax incentive goals in Nevada.

Back in 2014, Nevada promised the Silicon Valley automaker some $1.25 billion in tax breaks, which would materialize as long as specified benchmarks were met. One of which was a $3.5 billion capital investment toward the state’s economy by 2024. It’s only been three years, and Tesla has another seven to make good on the deal, however, it has already invested nearly $2.7 billion toward the goal.

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Model X at the Gigafactory

Mari St. Martin, spokeswoman for Nevada’s Gov. Brian Sandoval explained:

“Tesla has met all of its benchmarks and exceeded the state’s goals. The company is a strong community partner and is a cornerstone of the new Nevada economy. Tesla’s incentives are performance-based, and the governor is confident in its ability to deliver.”

The deal with the state of Nevada is directly related to the automaker’s mammoth lithium-ion battery factory known as the Tesla Gigafactory.  The Gigafactory is located in Sparks, near Reno. The $5 billion project is a partnership with Panasonic.

The Gigafactory is in the midst of, what seems to be, perpetual construction, with a goal of expanding to some 10 million square feet or more. It currently employs about 1,400 full-time employees. In the original 2014 agreement, Tesla told the state of Nevada that it would need some 6,500 workers by 2024.

Nevada has given Tesla $114 million in tax credits, thus far. As long as the parameters are met by 2024, the automaker is guaranteed the rest of the money. If the company can’t achieve the goals, it will have to reimburse Nevada for any tax credits that have already been dispursed.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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I see that “dispursed” is an obsolete version of disbursed.

Irregardless is means the same thing.

I see what you did there. 😉

Good to know that Tesla is on track with development of the Gigafactory One project, and achieving its milestones in its deal with the State of Nevada.

This quiet success runs rather counter to the Tesla bashers’ claims of “chaos” at GF1. 🙂

Go Tesla!

I am surprised at the commitment to hire 6500 employees, as Tesla’s goal is to have a highly automated factory required to keep cost down.

They are expected to produce 1/2 of the world’s li-ion batteries in 2020 (2021?).
China employs some 50,000+ to produce 1/2 of what Tesla is expected to do.
If tesla does it with 10,000 employees, they will be night and day above all other factories.

I bet they will also start building the Semi there too.

They will expand or build another building for this.

I doubt it.
Tesla bought some huge buildings next to their main CA building. I would not be surprised if that is for the trucks and other small lines.

That is a reasonable scenario. Certainly Tesla would rather expand in Nevada, where wages are low and union protection is lower, than in California where the reverse is true. Especially considering how restricted the space around the Fremont plant is; they already have a problem of too little parking space. Contrariwise, there’s plenty of room for expansion in the Gigafactory One area.

If this is true, I trust/hope that the state will turn around their horrible choices made WRT solar and encourage Tesla to come back.

Good luck with that! Unless the people vote out the politicians that are in the utility’s pockets nothing will change.

Not only are they meeting the states goals for growth and hiring . They are also running the GigaFactory on Solar energy with wind and Geo-Thermal in the plans.
They will be doing deliveries between CA and NV with their Semi trucks .
They are adding Super Chargers, Mini Super Chargers in Urban areas and Destination chargers all over. They will be adding Solar and Batteries to make the Super Charging from Renewables. Even their service vehicles are going electric. What a great example they are setting for walking the talk.

So far as I know, Tesla has yet to install a single solar panel on the roof of Gigafactory One, nor built a single wind turbine in the hills near the factory. That’s part of the plan, but Tesla doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to carry out that part of it.

Someone suggested Tesla is waiting for its solar panel factory in Buffalo, NY to start producing solar panels. That may well be the case. But why the delay in installing the wind farm? That’s harder to explain away.

Cash. They aren’t exactly flush yet.

I read somewhere (cannot recall source, sorry) that the wind farm may be altogether nixed because recent improvements in solar panel efficiency would mean the rooftop PV system might be efficient enough to power the gigafactory on its own.

Until solar panels start covering that enormous roof though, all that beautiful Nevada sunshine is just going to waste.

Wind produces more power in winter (and at night) than solar does in most areas.