Tesla Motors VP James Chen Left Company To Join Faraday Future


Faraday Factory Rendeing

Faraday Factory Rendeing

James Chen join FF as VP of Government Relations & General Counsel

James Chen join FF as VP of Government Relations & General Counsel

Faraday Future builds its executives team often from brain trust found at Tesla Motors.

One of the latest switches to Faraday was made by James Chen, Tesla’s former Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Deputy General Counsel, who now takes up the role of  VP of Government Relations & General Counsel at FF.

“We’re building a whole new relationship with transportation… but we can’t do it alone. Strong alliances and government partnerships will be key to realizing our vision.”

It seems as though Tesla now has to keep its eye on more than just Apple for poaching talent.

James Chen serves as the VP of Government Relations & General Counsel, leading all aspects of government affairs both domestically and internationally. At FF, James directs our approach to sustainable EV production, the fortification of strategic partnerships, and comprehensive policy and legal compliance.

Prior to joining FF, James worked with Tesla Motors as their VP of Regulatory Affairs & Deputy General Counsel. There, he provided policy and regulatory guidance and helped lead the company’s business objectives.

Before working in-house with automobile companies, James served as partner at two of Washington DC’s most reputable law firms, where he specialized in advising clients on worldwide regulatory issues affecting truck and automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

In 2010 and 2011, James was named one of the best environmental lawyers in the country by Best Lawyers in America.

James began his 25-year career as an attorney/advisor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where he was responsible for various phases of civil environmental enforcement, regulation, and policy development for the Hazardous Waste Enforcement and Toxics & Pesticides Enforcement divisions.”

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22 responses to "Tesla Motors VP James Chen Left Company To Join Faraday Future"
  1. MTN Ranger says:

    Jia Yueting vs Elon Musk: Let the billionaire backed EV companies fight!

    But seriously, if they actually come out with a real and compelling vehicle, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Until then, they are full of smoke and mirrors.

  2. Mister G says:

    Let competition grow between EV manufacturers.

  3. SparkEV says:

    Is FF for real EV company, or is it just smoke screen by anti-EV “cartel” to drain Tesla employees? It must be bad working at Tesla for people to leave for non-producing company like FF.

  4. CDAVIS says:

    FF will copy all that has been innovated by Tesla Motors and spin it as FF innovations. Just China being China.

    1. tftf says:


      Maybe the main investors are Chinese, the main execs are all Western – many of them coming from Tesla:

      Nick Sampson, Senior Vice President – Former Director of Vehicle & Chassis Engineering, Tesla

      Alan Cherry, Vice President of Human Resources – Former Senior Director, Human Resources at Tesla Motors

      Tom Wessner, Vice President of Supply Chain – Former Director of Purchasing at Tesla Motors


      1. CDAVIS says:

        @tftf said: “Maybe the main investors are Chinese, the main execs are all Western – many of them coming from Tesla…”

        The Chinese owned company FF hiring several former western Tesla execs advances (not demnisheds) FF’s goal to copy Tesla.

    2. Four Electrics says:

      Tesla has some genuine innovations, like the flat battery pack. However, if Tesla didn’t want copycats, they wouldn’t have opened all of their patents.

      1. CDAVIS says:

        @Four Electics,
        I’m not claiming that Tesla is adverse to FF’s copying much of Tesla’s innovations…as you pointed out, Tesla has opened sourced much of Tesla’s patent portfolio. But FF is being purposely dishonest in copying Tesla and claiming Tesla innovations as FF original innovations.

        Even the company name itself is basically a Tesla copy:

        Nikola Tesla vs. Michael Faraday
        ….notice any similarities in the company names?

  5. William says:

    No supercharger network here in the U.S. will hobble any F.F. plans on taking away any substantive market share from Tesla. Maybe F.F. will be a better competitor to Nissan/Mitsbishi, Hundai/Kia,VW/Audi,etc…

  6. CDAVIS says:

    @William said: “No supercharger network here in the U.S. will hobble any F.F. plans on taking away any substantive market share from Tesla.”

    FF will start by selling their Tesla-ish EV’s into the Chinese market (” FF designed and built in USA” to keep it Tesla-ish in the eyes of Chinese consumers) including a wide Chinese supercharger network (very similar to Tesla’s supercharger network in USA) installed in close partnership with the Chinese government. FF’s primary mission is to displace Tesla growing market (and mindshare) in the Chinese market by basically replicating Tesla. It’s China being China.

    1. Anon says:


      Exactly this.

    2. Four Electrics says:

      This sounds like a fine plan, but I don’t understand why you would build a factory in America to sell in China. There seems to be little to gain by doing so, other than poaching top Tesla talent.

  7. stimpacker says:

    Good riddance. This guy didn’t do jack. Not a single anti Tesla policy was reversed under his watch. Only useless press releases.

    1. tftf says:

      If he was so useless (like all the other VPs recently leaving Tesla) why was he hired in the first place?

      Or is there a pattern there?

      Why are there so many people leaving Tesla (and I mean execs in senior positions, not the janitor)?

      Every time a senior exec / VP leaves Tesla their time plan (especially for the Model3) becomes more and more unrealistic.

      1. MaxEv says:

        Tesla is a great company. It treats its customers well, but there is a lot of pressure to produce. Silicon valley companies are known to rely on their employees being workaholics.

      2. ffbj says:

        Something is either realistic or unrealistic.
        It’s not a scale. I think your comment is not realistic.

        1. sven says:

          His comment can’t be “not realistic,” it must be either realistic or unrealistic. 😉

  8. sveno says:

    I know how the hiring process went: would you like to see your children? Come work for us and you can leave work at the end of every single day!

    1. Mister G says:

      To save Earth from the oil addicts..you must sacrifice family time. Self interest and mediocrity are not needed at Tesla.

  9. TomArt says:

    Apparently, Musk’s expectations for Tesla Motors are too pedestrian and reasonable for this guy…

  10. pjwood1 says:

    I met James Chen, at the MA hearing. That more states did not ban Tesla sales is in no small part something for which we have him to thank.

    1. GolfProFred says:

      I have met him at about a half-dozen hearing in MA (Natick, Dedham, State House…) – Sad to see him go.