Tesla Motors Stock Already Rebounding After Model S Fire Caused it to Dip


Last week, prior to the Tesla Model S fire, TSLA stock prices were approaching $200 per share for the first time ever.

Model S on Fire

Model S on Fire

Following the fiery mess that turned out to actually be a show of how safe the Model S is, TSLA tumbled.

At one point, stocks were down well below $170 per share.

Well, the stock rebound is already underway.

As of closing on Friday, TSLA was back up over $180 and seems to be well on its way to returning to its former $190-plus value.

In fact, TSLA were back at $180-plus prior to Tesla even releasing its official Model S fire statement.

Market cap is once again touching $22 billion.

Even the volatile stock market seems to love the can-do-no-wrong Tesla Motors.

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7 responses to "Tesla Motors Stock Already Rebounding After Model S Fire Caused it to Dip"
  1. pjwood says:

    Bubble, maybe, but this (and Baird cut) was not the pin.

    1. Bonaire says:

      One thing that kicks it the head eventually is watching the big trading firms and funds selling their shares as they feel they have too high of a risk in not cashing in. Plus that thing with the convertible notes has not shaken out in some way we can see. I think we may be surprised at how many funds have been selling shares to more and more retail investors. There have been a few articles regarding this lately and this moves the risk from those who helped IPO and bring the company out to various institutions and bank during Q1 and Q2 who rode it up. Plus various underwriters of the financing debt to help pay off the DoE getting paid back very well. I wish Tesla well. I think people trading the stock need to watch it daily and use helpful “stop orders” to keep it from going down below where they would want it to go.

  2. Rick says:

    Thank ypu to all short minded that sold the stock for cheap, I got more for me a good price, go Tesla go.

  3. Taser54 says:

    Weekend Stock Market?

  4. Tesla Fan says:

    lol tesla stock will continue to rise

  5. Ocean Railroader says:

    Looks like Tesla has so far been able to drive away the Wall Street Bear away for now.

  6. Turboro says:

    I will be very curious how they will do in 2014, if the Model X gets ready and how sales will continue, especiallx in Europe and South East Asia.