Tesla Motors Sold Over 1,800 Model S in Q3 in California

JAN 2 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Reported Q3 Results From Its Headquartes In Palo Alto, California

Tesla Headquartes In Palo Alto, California

California is without a doubt the largest market for Tesla Motors sales.

In the third quarter of 2013, Tesla delivered 1,840 Model S sedans in its home state, which is enough for over 0.4% market share in the state.

Sales in the first half of the year in California were on the level of 4,714, so the total number of Model S sales after nine months was 6,554.

The only small concerning thing is that Q3 sales are below the Model S nine month average of 2,185 units sold per quarter in California, but different quarters can behave differently.

We could guess that after Q4 comes out we will see at least over 8,000 Model S sedans sold in California in 2013.  That works out to approximately 40% of total Model S production for the world.

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Elon said that Tesla stopped shipping cars to the U.S. so that they can deliver cars overseas. So expect the Q4 California numbers to be way down.

It’s fascinating. I think they don’t want to spoil any market too much so that they can keep the car in strong demand and making it into something people want but is hard to get.
They have all the time in the world to “feel” the temperature on different markets to make the most out of the limited number of cars they can produce at the moment.

This is very interesting that California would shallow up 40% of Tesla’s production it makes me wounder what type of market could be out there if say New York or Florida started to become a Tesla strong hold. Along with some European Counties.

As for the sales going down in the third quarter I think that’s do to there are only so many $75,000 dollars a company can sell before the $75,000 fish get fed. The only way to solve this is to to go down into a larger fish tank and that is the $50,000 one or better yet the $30,000 dollar lake.

Well CA is a driving state. Whatever statistics you want to look at will probably show Californians spend more time in their cars drive more miles, spend more on gas etc…So it makes sense that they would, and probably will continue to be, the leader in Tesla sales.
A number of other reasons of course, environmentally conscious, high income per capita, great state support of ev’s. Ability to drive in carpool lanes etc..Texas would be a good place for sales too except for the recalcitrant and backward looking legislature, which is in the pocket of the Texas Automobile Dealers. The good old boys network.

Progressive vs Regressive politics… It actually matters who you vote for.

On that note, it’s nice to finally see NY switching to a more pro-EV sentiment, with their new mayor…

Well Bloomberg was actually quite pro-EV himself.

You can’t swing a dead cat, without hitting a Tesla Model S in Southern California…

I see quite a few on the roads, often more than I see LEAFs and Volts.

The density in Silicon Valley is even higher.

Live cats?