Tesla Motors Sets 2015 as Target Year For Sales to Start in India


Deepak Ahuja, chief financial officer of Tesla Motors and Jay Vijayan, Tesla’s chief information officer were recently interviewed by Economic Times.

Some of the questions put forth by Economic Times were in regards to Tesla entry into India.

As Ahuja stated:

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

“India is a huge potential market where we need to be.  I think sometime in 2015 seems to make sense to enter India, but it’s difficult to make an official announcement.”

So, not official, but a tentative target is 2015.  Tesla’s reluctance to enter India is lack of infrastructure.  Tesla is not the only automaker to say this and ’til this day only one automaker sells EVs in India and that would be India-based Mahindra-Reva.

As for demand, Ahuja thinks Tesla would do okay there:

“There is potentially a demand in India, but Tesla is a high-end luxury car so demand might be somewhat constrained initially and be similar to other luxury cars.”

Source: Economic Times

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My guess is that Tesla could sell about 30 000 S and X cars into Indian markets in 2016. The problem is again that unfortunately Tesla does not have enough production capacity for such sales numbers.

30 000 car demand would be about 30 % market share among luxury cars. In 2013 there was sold 31 000 luxury cars, but this market is expanding rapidly. And more over Tesla customers will be in significant numbers not the luxury car owning über rich or status hungry upper middle class males, but whealthy upper middle class, who previously have been driven with normal car such as Toyota Prius. Therefore Model S demand is larger than what can be derived directly from luxury car demand.

Sorry too optimistic figure of 30000, i would say 3000 would be achievable. I do remember to tweet to Mr Musk when Audi & BMW crossed 10,000 models in 1 year sale in India.
It can increase if new govt(May 2014) starts EV subsidy/incentives which are currently a big 0.

India, China, Germany??? India by 2015?? How about the Tesla E, $35,000, 200 mile car here in the U.S. first instead of pushing the Tesla E out to 2017??? Let India wait until 2017!!

Tesla is a global brand. Global demand for cars is about 100 million annually in 2020. This is A LOT bigger market than what is already stabilized US car markets. The growth center of car markets is not in United States, but it is in especially Asia.

To add my previous comments. I have no idea what are the import duties for foreign manufactured electric cars in India. They may be considerable like they are in China. Therefore predicting model S demand in India is less straight forward.

A $35k Model is dependent on a Giga Factory producing the next generation battery cell at full capacity to lower cost per kWh.

The profits from Model S and Model X exports to China, Germany, and India and proving global demand for Tesla BEVs will facilitate building the GF.

In other words Model S and X exports accelerate development of Model E not slow it down.

Model E is not depended on gigafactory, but it helps. Without gigafactory E will be about $2000 more expensive.

Model E is dependent on a very very large increase in avaliable batteries. Either if Panasonic (or another large battery company) builds for enormous capacity (which they won’t) or if Tesla makes sure a Gigafactory is built.

The Model E is very much dependent on the Gigafactory.

It is faster to increase the capacity of battery production than the capacity of car production. Therefore on a long term (more than six months) battery shortage is logical impossibility.

The reason why Tesla needs a gigafactory is to push the battery cost down and increase profitability as there is no longer need to pay premium for Panasonic.

China and Germany makes sense. India doesn’t.

Long before India they should look at South Korea, Israel, som Gulf states, Singapore… In my opinion even Brazil looks a better choice than India.

But there is also a greentech boom on it’s way in India with a huge increase in wind, solar and with an election with more focus on renewables than ever… So maybe the analysists say it’s time.
I wouldn’t want to be project manager of super chargers and other infrastructure related issues for Tesla in india though. But maybe they can sell a combined package of Car+solar panels+a battery storage unit to avoid infrastructure problems.

Partially i agree but as Indian i can assure you that we have demand for higher end cars. May be not for Model S but Model E yes for sure.
P.S: I promise i woud be first customer of Model E whenever it will be launched in India

This is the best news from Tesla to Indian fans. Come on Tesla lead India to a new horizon in automobile navigation.

While it is true the unpredictability of the electrical supply in India raise problems for EV’s, being able to charge at home and never having to fight traffic to get one’s car into a gas station would be a huge benefit for an Indian driver. Time is valuable to those who could afford the car, and a Tesla would save that time.