Tesla Motors Receives Autocar Sturmey Award For Innovation And Achievement In Auto Industry


Autocar has announced that Tesla Motors is the inaugural recipient of Autocar’s Sturmey Award.

According to Autocar, the Sturmey Award was created to “salute innovation and achievement in the motor industry.”

Autocar editor-in-chief, Steve Cropley, commented:

“Tesla Motors has taken massive strides in a short time, demonstrating to the world’s car buyers that pure electric vehicles aren’t just practical and great to drive, but can compete with established prestige brands in desirability.”

“The experts say it takes many generations to establish a great brand; Tesla Motors has done it in one.”

Upon receiving the award, Tesla Motors UK director, Georg Ell, remarked:

“It is hugely humbling for a company as new as Tesla Motors to be thought of in such distinguished company.”

Source: Autocar

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8 Comments on "Tesla Motors Receives Autocar Sturmey Award For Innovation And Achievement In Auto Industry"

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Because its unlike any other car ever made. Its better than every car, which is incredible. Out of nowhere a start up built the first actual best car ever made on the planet in the history of humanity. Bravo Tesla

Nikola is proud

How is it unlike any other car made?

Also, Model S is their 2nd generation. Roadster was the first and was basically a fail.

Wow. I dunno? Maybe the top of the bar range of any EV sedan on the planet? Constant wireless software / feature updates, range extending aero door handles that recess, keyless start / entry, ability to break roof crushing machines during safety testing in the US, 17 inch touchscreen for virtual dashboard buttons, ability to plug into almost any electrical source with an adapter, and access to a national supercharging network…

How did you miss this, and much more?

Maybe soon they’ll innovate up one of those console thingies?

You can order one from the company’s store– if you really want one… But like rear cupholders (which you can also order) it does not come with.

Reminiscent of Hudson in some ways. A superior car that unfortunately was vanquished by the establishment and powers that be. Of course Tesla is on whole different level of innovation.
Another feather in their cap and with so many feathers in it already it is hard to tell it’s a cap anymore.

Come on people, I mean there also exist 13 and twizy, let us see how old Teslas hold first.

+1000 for Tesla. If I had 70k and I needed/wanted a new car, I would immediately get a Tesla Model S, without hesitation.

In terms of the competition, is the BMW I8, Porsche 918, Toyota PIP, GM Volt/Caddy-ELR, Audi Etron (vaporware), or Merc EV (tesla sourced) the best EVs other dinosaur car companies can produce?

There is just no real competition to the Model S.