Tesla Motors Celebrates Grand Opening of Palo Alto Store With “eXtra Surprise”


Today, Tesla Motors swings opens the doors of its latest store.

The opening of this one, located in Palo Alto, California, brings Tesla’s US store count to 42, with 12 of them being in the state of California.

Tesla says this of its Palo Alto grand opening:

“Stop in this weekend for an eXtra surprise.”

Hmm…what’s that eXtra surprise?  Could the Model X be there?

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Could it be battery swap station?

In the invitation email that was sent to Model X reservation holders it said: “Come by to experience Model S and to see the Model X Design Prototype on display all weekend.”

Could be something additional, though.

Was definitely the Model X…See Tesla’s image below:

The emphasis on the X probably means model X

Did anyone else notice that this new location is immediately next door to the specialty dealer that is selling McLaren and was (is?) selling Fisker automobiles?