Tesla Motors Opens London Store


Open Now!!!

Open Now!!!

Typical Tesla Store

Typical Tesla Store

Tesla Motors has officially swung open the doors to its first store in London.

The London store becomes Tesla’s second in the UK, a nation not known for its fondness for electric vehicle.

As you can see from the list of stores and services centers posted below, Tesla says major expansion into Europe is “coming soon.””

With recent reports of high volumes of Model S sales in Norway, the Netherland, Switzerland and so on, it’s a given that Tesla will expand its European presence.

How quickly the expansion happens is an unknown, but with Tesla now actively working both sides of the pond, we can only hope that the automaker’s intense focus on Europe doesn’t hinder its operations in the US.

Tesla Store and Service Center List For Europe

Tesla Store and Service Center List For Europe



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Tesla’s been picking up the pace of progress as of late, Stores, Events, Supercharging, & increases in head-count are wonderful. There was definitely a lull after the Model S rolled out as they started all of these processes in action. But now, at last, we are seeing meaningful actions! Can’t wait to see what they’ll have done by New Years.

I see a day trip to London coming up.

So, is it open or is it not? According to the Tesla site, it’s “coming soon”. I stumbled into a location in the Westfield Mall which is next to the Sheperd’s Bush underground station that, had a facade around the entrance to a store with the Tesla logo in white on a red background at the sides and on the front a big picture of the front left quarter and rear left quarter of a Model S on either side of the words “Go Electric”. This was last week Thursday and I took pictures of it so, it must have been opened since last Thursday. I fly back across the Atlantic on Sunday so I doubt I’ll get a chance to go back there and check it out before I leave. Bummer!

Hi there,

6 superchargers in Europe versus 32 in USA!!!!!!!!

1.Centralia, WA
2.Burlington, WA
3.Woodburn, OR
4.Grants Pass, OR
5.Glenwood Springs CO
6.Silverthorne, CO
7.Mt. Shasta, CA
8.Corning, CA
9.Folsom, CA
10.Fremont, CA
11.Gilroy, CA
12.Harris Ranch, CA
13.Atascadero, CA
14.Buellton, CA
15.Tejon Ranch, CA
16.Los Angeles, CA
17.Barstow, CA
18.Milford, CT (North)
19.Milford, CT (South)
20.Darien, CT (North)
21.Darien, CT (South)
22.Newark, DE
23.Rockford, IL
24.Normal, IL
25.Glen Allen, VA
26.Burlington, NC
27.Waco, TX
28.Columbus, TX
29.San Marcos, TX
30.Port Orange, FL
31.Port St. Lucie, FL
32.Fort Myers, FL

Good road in EV.

This is not a video of the event.


As I recall, Tesla has had a London store in the past, so this is not the first.

Glad to see all the stores, service centers, and Superchargers popping up worldwide.