Tesla Motors Named World’s Most Innovative Company in Energy Sector


Fast Company Explains the Importance of the Energy Sector

Fast Company Explains the Importance of the Energy Sector

Tesla was named one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies overall and #1 in the energy industry!

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Fast Company details Tesla’s win in the energy sector as follows:

1. Tesla Motors

For obliterating the major barrier to wider adoption of electric vehicles. Sure, Tesla has carved out an undisputed lead in the electric-car industry with its revolutionary Model S, but the unveiling of the company’s charging stations was equally noteworthy and less heralded. Billed as “the fastest charging station on the planet”—because it is—the Tesla Supercharger can fuel up a Model S in as little as 40 minutes, removing the so-called range anxiety that has been the biggest bugaboo of EV doubters. But in January, Tesla took another leap: It expanded its rapid-charging station route to more than 70 locations, letting Model S owners drive coast-to-coast for the first time.

There’s no denying the importance of the Supercharger network.  It’s what places Tesla Motors head and shoulders above the competition.

Source: Fast Company

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Yes to the super chargers, but the battery giga factories may be the biggest game changer yet and not just for EVs. It very well could be the beginning of affordable renewable energy storage and that would be the biggest game changer yet. Not saying the final solution but the beginning. Proper energy storage and everything changes. Everything.

Roadster>Fremont Plant>Model S>90kWh Superchargers>120kWh Superchargers>
Model X>135kWh Superchargers>Giga Factory & Ongoing Battery Improvements>Model E>More 150kWh Superchargers>Model Y>Model S refresh!!

Tesla certainly IS the world’s most innovative company in transportation and energy!

They are taking us into a clean renewable future and… it is just where we want to go!