Tesla Motors: Model S Is Perfect For Winter (Video)

NOV 22 2013 BY MARK KANE 13

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S - Cold Weather Performance

Tesla Model S – Cold Weather Performance

Tesla Motors released today a video on how well adapted the Model S is to winter conditions.

“Chris Porritt, Tesla’s VP of Vehicle Engineering, describes the unique features of Model S that make it such a remarkable car in colder climates. From its innovative chassis design, to the instant responsiveness of its electric powertrain, to its state-of-the-art software features, there has never been an all-weather sedan quite like Model S.”

In a separate e-mail to subscribers, Tesla adds that the Model S is so good in winter that all-wheel-drive is not necessary. Hopefully, this will not stop Tesla from making an all-wheel-drive version of the Model S with two motors like in Model X.

The important thing to note is that in winter is the Model S’ liquid thermal control system that “dynamically heats and cools powertrain components [including battery pack] to maintain range and power” and the remote temperature control.

The video ends appropriately with the handles ejecting without mercy to ice.

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And I thought they meant it was perfect because it can keep the family warm while it burns to the ground………. ouch! Yea I did.

What is your problem? I’m sure, mental.

I’m sure your drive use water as a power, history has shown that technology move forward even with mental disable brains against it. Just an idea, you can find elephants and electroshock them in public as Edisson did in the AC vs DC war, I’m sure your Tea Parties would be so happy showing how an AMERCAN EV is dangerous.

Huh, huh. That’s so funny. Gibber, you must be a comedian.

Said no one ever.

That was good add I thought because it explained how they used waste heat from the Motor to heat the passengers.

It didn’t say passengers…

It said battery packs if I hear it correctly….

I think it just means that they are sharing the cooling fluids… =)

Wow.. hadn’t thought about those door handles. But it appears they can crack the ice.

The key question is can the Model S do all that conditioning on the 120V 12A circuits?

No, it can’t. Tesla released data after the Broder incident which, if you read between the lines, shows that 120V/12A isn’t enough.

Yeah, I always intently listen to these videos to see what is NOT said. This video may fool Southern Californians, but that door handle thing at the end was really a joke. There was no ice to speak of there at all. A friend of mine at Tesla has basically said nearly all the early model S’s had to have their handle actuators replaced under warranty. My volt also has the same problem with its silly charge port door. (Why Silly? Because until you OPEN the door, there is nothing to steal, so there is no point in HIGH SECURITY prior to that point – this is one point where Lutz must have had a ‘senior moment”, or else they didn’t fly it past him for review). This silly design was dropped in 2014. They have NEVER addressed the heat loss from the battery pack during 0-10 degree fahrenheit weather, they just told Broder inaccurate info, and then Musk piled on about not plugging in , in a juvenile matter. As far as Tesla’s response on the 120V/12 amp issue, as far as I know I was the first to call attention that plugging in during very cold weather, the… Read more »

Is the charge port manual unlock or does it have a solenoid? My Volt’s charge port has trouble in the winter. I’m wondering how the Tesla would do? Also coating the handles in ice is not the same as having the internal mechanisms ice up. It’s an impressive demonstration, but I’d rather read about real world reports from wintry conditions customers who leave their car parked outside overnight. Also how many kW does the heating system draw when it’s on max? My Volt can draw up to 8kW sometimes (typically 6kW though on max heat).

Kdawg I would imagine the heater draws plenty, but then the minimum charge rate Tesla now recomends is 8 kw. So Plugging in at that rate certainly helps conserve battery range when preheating the cabin. Also, others here can give more detail, but in moderate climates or during the spring and fall, the system can run its heat pump for an improvement of heat output with somewhat less power draw.

Model S may be perfect for winter conditions but this does not mean that it could not be even better. Having ethanol burning auxiliary heater and 4WD would make Model S even better!