Tesla Motors Looks For High Delivery Increases In Upcoming Quarters


Tesla Model S production

Tesla Model S production

Tesla Motors expects to deliver 80,000-90,000 cars this year.

The Q1 result stands at 14,810, while the expected numbers for Q2 is about ~17,000 (as guided by the company during Q1 reporting)

Assuming Tesla was successful, and it delivered the mid-point of guidance – 85,000 deliveries for the year, we figure that would work out to something like 23,000 in Q3 and Q4 at 30,000.

Doubling the sales year-over-year in the second half of the year is of course extra difficult because of the need to ramp-up the not-so-easy to build Model X in line with the sedan.  Hopefully, the company is successful and hits its numbers – although we figure all eyes will be more than fixed on what is happening with the Model 3 before the final tally is known in January of 2017.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

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Still not convinced the number of deliveries is entirely production limited. It it were then why have a referral program?

Of course not. The Model S hasn’t been production limited for a year or two.

The Model X on the other hand… With the back-log and production ramp-up it will be production limited for at least 2016 and probably a large part of 2017 too.

They are definitely still production limited. That doesn’t mean that they don’t engage in marketing programs to make sure they stay production limited.

Both the S and the X are built on many of the same production lines, so every X being built is an S that can’t be built.

Last time I was in the factory for my second tour the Model X was just starting to move most slowly down the production line, BUT it was on the second “line,” separate from the Model S production flow. So AFIK the S and X are built on SEPARATE production lines there in Fremont.

Anybody have a more recent tour and see how the production “flow” moves NOW?

IIRC Tesla has two body lines and one assembly line. The assembly line takes the completed unibody and adds the powertrain and all of the other components.

The original body line can only make the S, and the new line can make either S and/or X bodies.

The one GA (assembly) line has been upgraded to make both models.


That is a pretty major ramp in production volume.

We will see if Tesla can do it. I sure hope quality doesn’t suffer as the result of that ramp.

In Q3, they have to average 7,700 vehicles per month for each month for three consecutive months. In Q4, they have to ramp production up again to 10,000 vehicles per month, each month for three consecutive months. Compare to recent production statistics.

Good luck, Herr Hochholdinger. Welcome to California. Get to know your local Bay Area REI store. You’ll be using a sleeping bag a lot soon and you’ll want a comfy one.