Tesla Motors History Infographic


In search of a quick Tesla Motors history lesson?

Well then, this infographic is a perfect starting point.

It covers most of the highlights/milestones in Tesla’s 11-year history without diving deep into the details.

Most importantly, its current, meaning that occurrences in Tesla’s recent past are included.

Consider this your Tesla 101 primer.

Tesla Motors History Infographic

Tesla Motors History Infographic


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5 responses to "Tesla Motors History Infographic"
  1. MDEV says:

    Very cool, it missing how I triplicate my stock investment 🙂

  2. Stimpacker says:

    It missed out how Henry Fisker tried to derail Tesla early on by pretending to design the predecessor to Model S for them and then secretly starting up his own company and so never delivered the goods. Sounds like Zuckerberg.

    1. Anon says:


      And people blame Elon for the Model S delays…

  3. TomArt says:

    I first started following Tesla in 2008, when the first reviews of the Roadster came out and production began.

    I was aware of them before then, but didn’t pay much attention until the Roadster shocked everyone with its superior performance and fun-factor, thus igniting the second wave of the rEVolution.

  4. TomArt says:

    This is a pretty good summary…glad to see the Glennings listed…they really delicately glossed over the management shake-up of 2008…