Tesla Motors Head Of Product Design Discusses…Tesla Design – 60-Minute Video


If Javier Verdura, Director of Product Design and Project Management for Tesla Motors, takes to the stage to speak, you’d expect the topic to be Tesla design.  Verdura doesn’t disappoint in this 54-minute video in which he zeroes in on Tesla design throughout.

Tesla Head Of Design Discusses...Obviously...Tesla Design

Tesla Head Of Design Discusses…Obviously…Tesla Design

“Join the second installment of RKS Sessions with Javier Verdura, Director of Product Design and Project Management for Tesla Motors. Verdura will give us a look under the hood of the innovative company- sharing their history, design process and where they’re headed in the future.”

About Javier Verdura

Mexico City-born Javier Verdura graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BS in Product Design in 1991. In 1998 he joined the then start-up firm Product Ventures, he remained there for 15 years as the Vice President of Design and Development, during his tenure he helped grow the company from 6 employees to almost 50. His most recent position has brought Javier back to Los Angeles where he is currently the Director of Product Design at Tesla Motors. Over his 22-year career, Javier has designed everything from surgical equipment to consumer products and packaging. He has been recognized by winning some of the industry’s most prestigious awards: 3-time Red Dot winner, Multiple Good Design Awards (7) and an IDEA award. In addition, his name appears in more than 130 patents in US and abroad. Javier’s philosophy on Industrial Design: if you can’t manufacture what you create, it is not worth designing.

If design is your thing, more specifically Tesla design, then you’re going to want to make time to watch this video in its entirety.

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I think there are clay models and draft designs of he Model III in this presentation, around min 16:00. Great video. Not so great audio.

I really hope that Model 3 doesn’t end up looking like that…

Actually, it starts around minute 12 and runs almost to minute 16.

The clay model looked really good to me, but the following slide, that showed the drag models, the design didn’t look so good.

Overall, though, it’s exactly what I would expect – not out-of-line with mainstream auto design, reminiscent of a Mazda. Franz von H. is still the head of the artistic design.

Hard to say… The video is taken at an angle. Notice all the spheres in the graphics, are tall ellipticals from the distortion of the viewing angle. The aspect ratio may just look different, making the car (likely a Model S Design Study) in the image appear shorter / taller than in real life.

at about 28 minuets he tells how the Tesla S broke the test machines from NSTA because it was so strong. A few examples like that and it’s value is double what they charge for it.,