Tesla Motors Gets Approval to Sell Direct at Only 1 Store in Virginia


Tesla Store in Houston, Texas

Tesla Store in Houston, Texas

Tesla Motors has won its battle in Virginia.

Tesla Model S Will Soon be Legally Sold in Virginia

Tesla Model S Will Soon be Legally Sold in Virginia

Last week, Tesla Motors struck a deal with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association that will allow the automaker to sell direct at one store in the state.  Yes, only one store.

The agreement says that Tesla must withdraw its current lawsuit that it filed after being rejected a dealership license to operate in the state back in April.

Upon withdrawing the lawsuit, Tesla will be free to contact the Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board to get official approval to sell in Virginia.  The approval process usually moves along rather quickly, so Tesla could be selling in Virginia in just a few week’s time.

Tesla already has a store in Virginia, but as of right now that store/gallery can’t sell Tesla vehicles.

Tesla released this statement on the matter:

 “We are encouraged by the settlement and look forward to seeking a license to open a store and an associated service facility in Northern Virginia.”

Tesla’s current gallery in Virginia is the Tysons Corner store located near Washington, D.C.

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Sure but Arlington Virginia is asking owners that live in condominiums to provide plans and load like commercial standards. What this mean is that the installation of a 240V outlet is unaffordable, just to hire and electrical engineer could cost $3000-5000 plus the electrician work, this is a way to say NO to EV’s in Arlington. We are the only county in Virginia that asking for commercial specifications for condominiums. What a shame this county, looking to move to Maryland/DC.
“I wish they ask for commercial permits to buy an assault riffle too”

That is still OK because in Brussels if you want an electric supply that can provide say charge power for two Teslas (2 times 10 KW) plus the rest of your house needs, you face a 15000 $ fee only to have them starting. And where does all that money go, to Ores the low voltage net provider, an oligopoly that you just can’t avoid. They have managed to be the sole providers of the last mile and they just over tax the high power connection demands while low power is almost for free (400$).

This is what the Tyson’s Corner store will look like once they can sell cars there 😉comment image

Actually this is how it looked when the fire marshal banned Tesla from having “gas” cars inside without a permit. And this is the permit that appeared back with the cars a few weeks later:
comment image

One of the rare “slightly crowded” moments:
comment image

(Wish that photo came out better. It is as if the Model S is ready to leap into the fake town drawn on the drywall at the future store across the mall)

Is Virginia the people are buying Guns

this gem got lost in all the fire news. It means this kind of artificial restraint of trade has no foundation to stand on legally. It ought to scare those idiots in Texas.

Congratulations, Elon.

When they said one store, does it mean one store at any given time? Could Tesla build 7 stores across the state and only sell cars one day of the week in each? 🙂