Tesla Motors Execs Meet With Officials in San Antonio, Texas To Discuss Giga Factory


San Antonio Business Journal is reporting that Tesla Motors held a “secret” meeting with leader of the city of San Antonio, Texas to discuss the Tesla giga factory.

Giga Factory Details

Giga Factory Details

The “secret” meeting occurred in mid-March.

According to the San Antonio Business Journal, the meeting centered on San Antonio trying to convince Tesla that the city is an ideal site for the planned battery giga factory.

No additional details have surfaced from this meeting, which means that it was darn close to being truly “secret.”

What we do know is that several individual cities are trying to woo Tesla for the giga factory, so it’s not just states making offer, but some offers are coming from the city level too (with state backing, of course).

Source: San Antonio Business Journal

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I can’t believe Tesla is doing this non- sense,Texas is the worse state for a clean company, they are only about oil and corporate interest. Why not choose a friendly state like Nevada even Arizona is way more friendly.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

To get a carveout for direct sales. Only reason. And they’re not going to get it anytime soon, so it’s a good opportunity to embarrass the folks who are in the pocket of auto dealers.

It is very entertaining.

The other states do look better, for welcoming the other aspects of Musk’s businesses (solar, RPS targets, Net Meter rules, etc), but Texas’ is a bigger nut. I think it could mean a lot if that state were proud to represent them. Sort of a Machievellian “belly of the beast”, keep thine enemies closer, at the outset.

Imagine California and Texas Senators some day taking on Michigan. The victory may be in separating public perception from party. Right now, you’d have a hard time not generalizing that ICE was bi-partisan, and EV was Democrat. It’s easy to understate the selling impediment that represents for an all-electric maker.

Texas has more wind energy (12.5 GW) than all but five countries, China, rest of the US, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Or another way, 20% of all wind capacity in the US is in Texas. It is a big state with lots of interests, most of them around energy and being business friendly.

Opps, India, not Italy. Fingers were lot listening to the brain 😉

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This is a good move by Tesla:

– They have to give time to all four, otherwise listing them as potentials would have been dumb.
– They need to get dumb rules by corrupt poeple changed and give good (or, at least, not evil) politicians some leverage to achieve this.
– They claim to want to better the world, so helping the people of Texas to transition further from oil – wind power is big there – is a good way of doing and showing that.

There is more to this story. Not only may Tesla giga-battery factory be built in Texas but also Space X is looking for incentives to build a rocket launch pad in Brownsville, TX. Another reason why Elon is so interested in Texas and why it will probably go there.


It is one of the best locations to launch from the continental US. Porto Rico is better but an island in which case there is even better in the pacific where Falcon 1 was launched.
Actually you can find more south in Florida, but there is Miami, a nuclear power station and then the Keys. Not sure that would fit well with tourists there. Then there is also the LA distance that is shorter in Texas, for Musk it makes a 3 hours difference each way on each trip. Boca Chica is clearly in a very advantageous position.