Tesla Motors Exec Discusses Tesla’s Future In China – 20-Minute Video


“Tesla Motors executive Dan Hsu in Shanghai speaks about how Tesla cars will make it on the roads in China.”

States the video description.

Here we get a rare glimpse as to Tesla’s plans for China.  Our only wish though is that Dan Hsu was more knowledgeable in terms of Tesla’s actual plans.  In fact, Hsu seems stumped and outdone at times by the knowledge of the moderator.  This is rare, as most Tesla representatives seems to know all of the inner workings at Tesla.  Perhaps Hsu needs some additional training.

Regardless, the video itself is still worth watching if you need to get up to speed on the going ons for Tesla in China.

Tesla Exec Speaks In Shanghai

Tesla Exec Speaks In Shanghai

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There was two important points. Tesla expects Chinese markets to be bigger than United States car markets.

Secondly, Dan underlined _in China_ that Tesla is using industry standard sized cells and this means that it can use battery cells from other battery producers than Panasonic.

We know that Panasonic has hard time to keep up with Tesla’s pace, so I am quite confident that Tesla is looking Chinese partners also, if they can produce competitive cells. This could be good strategy to get an exemption to Chinese import duties.

Based on the SuperCharger map, it seems like this presentation is several months old. Or at least the slides were.

I would agree that Hsu needs to be a little sharper on the Tesla info points if he is going to be the face for China. Maybe he is just not comfortable speaking in public yet.