Tesla Motors Europe Completes Supercharger Rally From Amsterdam To London


The Tesla Motors Europe Supercharger rally from Amsterdam to London is now complete.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

tesla end -3tesla end -2tesla end -1And here are the final stats from the completed trip:

tesal end


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131 kWh for 500km? That’s rather high, isn’t it? I guess the terrain must be really unoptimal.

But hey, that’s Tesla’s problem given that they’re paying for it via the superchargers.

The terrain should be amost flat for most of the way.

Right. They are not called the “Low Countries”
for no reason. Maybe the cooler weather reduced expected efficiency. Or since it was a rally they were really hauling aspects.

Since a large portion of the Autobahn has no speed limits, and many places with speed limits are 120kph {75 mph}, they were likely traveling in excess of 140 kph so as not to have to be in the slow lane for the entire trip.

How much Autobahn is there between Amsterdam and London? I doubt they took a detour through Germany.


I meant terrain more generally, i.e. condition of the roads due to wear, rain, snow, etc.

Temperature can also be a factor, but it shouldn’t have been last week:
It’s pretty easy for the Model S to keep the pack warm in that weather on a road trip.

Model S/85 is EPA rated at 38KWh/100 miles on the combined cycle. So I would actually have expected energy consumption to have been more like 190KWh over 500 miles. I suppose the car started out with a full battery that wasn’t taken into account since only free Supercharged KWhs were counted.

It’s 505 kms, which is 318 miles as 1 mile = 1.584 kms.

Very cool. Hope the media there carries this and it drums up sales for that region.

I like the tunnel images. An electric driving on an electric. It also remind that, for road tunnels, electric cars would allow much smaller tunnel ventilation systems, which in turn would make it easier to make tunnels in the first place, especially the very long ones. EV cars, only, tunnels could stretch from Ireland to New England. Especially in midwater buoyancy joint pipes form like the small one in the Norwegian Fjord.

€ 0,= for the trip? I thought you had to pay for the tunnel or was it free for the Tesla’s. Can anyone explain this for me?